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Quintagroup services include development with a wide range of technologies including Python, JavaScript, Django, and Plone.

Quintagroup is IT solutions company with over 20 years of experience. We provide full-cycle services in the areas of custom software development, design, application  development with a focus on scalability with Python/JS/cloud technologies. Combining our technical expertise and profound knowledge of latest trends we offer cutting-edge web solutions that deliver clear benefits for our clients.

Areas of expertize - Plone, Python, Pyramid and Django


Our company always follows the latest technology trends, providing our customers all over the world with high-class development of custom Python-based solutions:

Python development

Python is a success formula for maximum productivity, top quality, and user-friendly maintainability. Quintagroup utilizes open source technologies to provide a powerful environment for development.
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Django development

Django is a high-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. You can explore more about Django development by visiting our case studies like VetDoc, CodeforUA, PharmacieBastard.
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Python applications

Using innovative open source technologies we build top-quality, cost-effective web applications of any complexity, from small web-based solutions to large complex systems.
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Python development on Google App Engine

Python applications on Google App Engine Cloud Platform open up new features and advantages for Python frameworks.
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With Cypress, Playwright, Robot Framework and Selenium our Quality Engineers provide a full range of web automation services to boost the quality of your web applications, increase productivity and lower the maintenance costs of your website. Delivering finely-tuned processes of automated testing, our QA engineers select among such top-notch services as automation testing of web services, automated testing framework development, automated cross-browser testing, automated acceptance testing, and UI Test Automation. We also conduct API testing of possible input combinations, response-related and output parameters, API behavior in case of invalid requests, and API performance. As a result we get a cost-efficient, secure and interface independent testing that guarantees easy integration and early testing of your product.

JavaScript development services

From front-end development and visualization to testing and work with data, JavaScript libraries cover varied software needs. Our broad experience with applying JavaScript tools was applied as the part of the OpenProcurement solution, since AngularJS was used for auctions module development. Taking full advantage of a versatile, performant and approachable Vue.JS framework, our certified talents of software development implement the most challenging tasks to supply your business with the robust power of innovation. Besides, React and Ionic were applied for mobile application development. And JQuery, Backbone, Node.js, and Meteor libraries are mastered by our qualified developers to add structure, scalability,and interactivity of the digital solution.

So, don’t wait! Augment the functionality and power your business addressing an experienced and reliable company, addressing Quintagroup.


A leading provider of cloud computing services, AWS platform, own and maintain the network-connected hardware required for enormous capabilities. It empowers organizations with compute power, databases, storage, and other resources in minutes and provides the flexibility to choose the development platform or programming model that will benefit each particular project.

We constantly refine our experience with AWS services, therefore our developers reached perfection with such AWS products as:

  • computing: EC2, EC2 Auto Scaling, Lambda;
  • Serverless
  • storage: S3, S3 Glacier, EBS;
  • management and governance: CloudWatch, CloudTrail, CloudFormation;
  • internet of things: AWS IoT services;
  • networking and content delivery: CloudFront, API Gateway;
  • identity and security: IAM, Certificate Manager;
  • application integration: Simple Notification Service, Simple Queue Service.

Choose AWS to feel all the benefits of fast and affordable cloud services!


Quintagroup has extensive experience in the development and implementation of e-procurement software:

  • e-Procurement software - software that ensures automation and scaling of supply processes, increases your market share and facilitates the implementation of business processes in the procurement activities.
  • OpenProcurement toolkit - we developed open-source e-Procurement software that has already been applied in several projects, including ProZorro and
  • e-Auction module - OpenProcurement toolkit contains e-Auction module that manages auction stage of the procurement.
  • Atreus SaaS Auction Platform - a cloud-based platform for online selling and buying that includes several auction types, auction management software, auction as a service solution (SaaS platform), Auction API, bidding platform, and custom auction solutions.
  • Test Stand with automated acceptance test suite is part of the OpenProcurement toolkit that covers running tests, exploring test run details, and publishing the results.
  • Log Server is used to ensure transparency and trackability of the Central database, web platforms, Auction module, other modules and system actors the OpenProcurement toolkit.


Sure, Web Services are constantly evolving along with ever-changing technologies. But Quintagroup is always one step ahead of your expectations and digital trends. We offer you a mix of both UI/UX design and development expertise that gives us the capabilities of building sophisticated custom web solutions for you. Moreover, we build our solution with the customer in the center of its development to make sure that the interface is intuitive, performs well and is relevant to the user.

Up-to-date Mobile website design based on a responsive website design approach provides our clients with effective and user-friendly solutions.

Making the web accessible to all users despite their possible mental, physical or social disabilities, Quintagroup highlights the importance of Web Accessibility. Increase your success perspectives and future profit rates by caring about your users and clients. Open up the web to as many users as it is only possible!

Software Testing

Make sure that your software or application works in line with initial specifications with Quintagroup software testing services. Quintagroup’s experts possess the needed skills and concentrate on the essentials of the software testing procedures like verification, error detection, and validation.


Read and come up with implementing the benefits of Quintagroup e-commerce solutions to your website. Fast, easy, and time-saving solutions for online shops, shopping carts, and e-marketplace are gathered in the hands of one professional team that knows all the angels of Python-based software development. Make sure that our words are true by digging into our e-commerce projects like Instrulog, PharmacieBastard, or PolicyTracker.


Design your website with Quintagroup and make it elegant, simple, to the point, and following all the usability guidelines. We focus not only on providing appealing website design but on the layout that communicates key messages and calls to action. Our team includes UI designers, UX experts, user interface planners, SEO managers and software engineers who collaborate at every stage of a project to meet your requirements.

Moreover, we design elegant and powerful logos, corporate signatures, symbols, typography, color rendering, iconography, promotional and marketing materials that will enhance your visibility and recognition.

Here at Quintagroup, we also provide the infographic design services including the delivery of well-polished and graphically appealing infographic designs that suit your online business needs and increase website traffic.


Aiming at your organization’s brand awareness, Quintagroup help to expand your business and achieve the set purposes by unique inbound marketing strategies. Content marketing services, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and lead nurturing strategies will factor in your vision of a profitable and high-quality product.

In order to connect you with your target audience, we will first help you discover what is your target audience and then, we will tell your story in a fresh, relevant, and quality manner. Have no hesitation in choosing Quintagroup as a provider of content writing and copywriting services. Increasing our digital knowledge in social media and internet marketing day by day, we leave no stone unturned in promoting your business through social media and advance your sites in Google natural search results.


Keep up-to-date and become mobile with Quintagroup mobile web development solutions backed up by responsive website design! Check the reasons for mobile web development as provided by Quintagroup experts, and the other details on the way to becoming mobile.

You can count on us! We know How To Make a Mobile Website, we know the peculiarities and advantages of a responsive Mobile Website Design, and we definitely know how to make your website mobile-friendly.

In addition to mobile web development, our technological stack entails full-cycle mobile application development services. Our multidisciplinary teams of developers, business analysts, quality assurance engineers, and project managers unify their knowledge to deliver handy solutions that make your business progress. Accounting, gaming, healthcare, real estate, logistics, Quintagroup possesses enough knowledge to develop a superior application for your business niche.


The vast range of our technological stack also covers services for Plone CMS, including Plone products & content types development, Plone enhancements and Plone implementation services. We develop free premium and custom Plone themes, including web design services and/or skinning - converting the design into a live Plone theme. Our reliable, efficient, first-rate support services allow for regular maintenance, check-ups, software upgrades, and regular analysis. Moreover, Quintagroup offers several Plone and Zope hosting packages for customers with different requirements. Plone Migration services we can migrate content from any static websites, websites based on other CMSs to Plone, and vice versa. Quintagroup is ready to migrate your Plone-based website to any other CMS, for instance, Wagtail.


One of the toughest decisions while starting a business relationship is choosing the right engagement model. Quintagroup provides several approaches to the pricing of software projects.

Dedicated team

Dedicated team

As the head of a dedicated team you will be able to:

  • Review CV or conduct interviews
  • Measure the skills of your future employees
  • Choose team members and the seize of involvement of each of the candidate

And we are responsible for:

  • HR services
  • effective cooperation
Fixed price

Fixed price

  • The price and scope is unchangeable
  • The deadlines and scope are settled before the project launching
  • Minimal risks
  • Works well for the projects with clear requirements
  • effective cooperation
Time and material

Time and material

  • Suitable for the projects with unclear requirements and frequent changes
  • Pricing is done on the agreed rate per hour
  • You can adjust the number of team members according to the conditions

Feel overwhelmed with information and can’t choose appropriate technology or service for your business? Contact Quintagroup to get information on the solution relevant in your particular case! Give it a try and strengthen your business!

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