Blockchain development services

At Quintagroup, we provide cutting-edge blockchain development services that can help you boost your business. Our expert developers harness the power of digital ledger technology to facilitate secure private transactions without the need for a third party, thanks to the efficiency of smart contracts. We understand that security and efficiency are vital factors for businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage. That's why our blockchain development services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. We use the latest technologies and industry best practices to ensure that your solution is scalable, reliable, and secure.

Imagine there's no private programs for storing digital ledgers but only shared ones. Imagine all the conditions of the contract are followed and checked automatically. You may say that we are dreamers. But we are not the only ones. We have a blockchain technology with us.

What is a blockchain and why is it useful?

Blockchain is a digital ledger technology that ensure recording and storing transactions of any type in a shared platform. The hallmark of blockchain technology is its unchangeable history, since any transactions are carried out they are stored in the blocks that can't be distorted. Together, these blocks form a chain of a distributed database.

Aiming at reducing cost, time and risk connected with data privacy, blockchain networks develop trust and visibility that is so essential for conducting a successful business.


Our blockchain experience

Quintagroup has a valuable experience in building a blockchain architecture. At the request of Prozorro.Sale, Quintagroup provided a team of world-class engineers to develop a blockchain solution based on one of its frameworks. The used framework was Hyperledger Fabric. In addition to the mentioned above advantages of a distributed ledger technology, Hyperledger Fabric delivers additional network functionalities. This disruptive technology powers private blockchains that require authentication of all participants. How do you benefit from that? From now, your privacy allows you to contain information away from your competitor’s eye and keep your transaction secure as never before, as long as our solution nullifies money laundering possibilities.

Furthermore, a special architecture of Hyperledger Fabric separates transaction execution from transaction ordering and commitment and in such a way increases processing efficiency and speeds up delivery of transactions.

Participating in this project, our devoted developers got the experience of implementing smart contracts. Smart contract is a unique code generated within a blockchain framework. The task of parties is to set appropriate terms and conditions and the task of the code is to conduct the transaction and ensure that all the conditions are met. In such a way Quintagroup help our customers to achieve a transaction with no third-party involvement.

What is more, we have a background in maintaining services based on Amazon Web Service. AWS platform is well-known blockchain provider offering a wide range of services all around the world. AWS has a reputation of a secure, transparent and dynamic service provider with an excellent service performance.

Boost your business with us

Blockchain solutions work perfectly for those who want to cut costs and ensure security in various spheres.

  • Finance
    Using blockchain for financial goals have both quantitative and qualitative benefits. Blockchain eliminates the need for reconciliation, reduces the risk of fraud and allows to serve customers more quickly.

  • Government
    Public sector takes numerous advantages of a blockchain technology. Governments tend to introduce such solutions in order to achieve better service delivery, combat corruption, eliminate bureaucracy and avert tax evasion.

  • Healthcare
    Blockchain takes care of your health and your business. This technology can change the entire lifecycle of patient’s electronic medical record and alleviates managing of clinical trials data.

Do you have an idea of how to implement a blockchain solution in your sphere? Let us know about it and we will bring your idea to reality!

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