Website Design Stages

Website Design Service - web-design projects development stages.

We develop your project in several stages. Each stage is clearly defined. We only proceed to the next stage when you approve the previous one.

  1. Website Prototype. We develop a prototype of your website. The prototype includes all menus and forms. It also simulates search tools, customer purchase mechanisms, registration of new members and other dynamic website parts.
  2. Prototype Review. During this stage you look at the website prototype. We need you to review the website structure and to tell us where we need to make corrections. The corrected prototype is a final blueprint for the following stages. It also becomes a binding contract between you and us.
  3. Dynamic features. We create "live" features for your website. This the most time-consuming stage of all. Usually your participation is not required during this stage. Of course if we feel that changes in original prototype are required we will ask your permission before going forward.
  4. Test and debug. Again you review the site, this time with dynamic features added. While we do our own testing, we believe that customer testing provides for transparent relationship and ultimately leads to a better final result. During this stage you also determine features that you perhaps forgot to include during prototype stage or new features that you require.
  5. New features added. We prepare a quote for the implementation of new features that you determined in the previous stage. If agreed, we add these features.
  6. Visual development and final testing. Your site is fully functional but bare-bone. Now we add all graphic components, photos and other media.
  7. Final Planned Deployment. We publish your site on the Internet. This includes choosing good keywords that will place your site correctly in web search engines. Since you were properly informed in advance of any delays you can launch marketing campaign to promote your new website.

Payment Schedule Your project is developed in several stages. Each stage is prepaid. Most projects have the following stages:

  • Website Prototype
  • Prototype Review
  • Dynamic Features
  • New Features Added
  • Visual Development and Final Testing

Final Planned Deployment Prices for all stages are negotiated at the start of the whole project. The only exception is the "New features" stage, since at the time of project start neither we nor you know what amount of unexpected features will be needed. Since you prepay each stage only after you have seen the previous stage results, you can check how the work progresses and you also spread your cash flow.

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