Selenium WebDriver makes testing web pages and web applications easier

Selenium WebDriver is an open source tool suite for browser automated tests development that can be written in Python or JavaScript.

Selenium-webdriver.pngSelenium WebDriver is an open source tool suite for browser automated tests development. Selenium WebDriver gives opportunity to build a robust, browser-based regression automation, to scale and distribute scripts across various environments.

Test how your website works with the Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver is actually a merger of the original Selenium project with the WebDriver project. It adds flexibility, binds the advantages of both tools and features wider platform support and ability to work with several different programming languages. Selenium WebDriver enables writing tests in:

  • Java (and other languages on the JVM including Groovy),
  • Javascript,
  • Python,
  • Ruby,
  • PHP,
  • Perl,
  • C#.

Selenium WebDriver sends direct calls to the browser employing its native automation support. The technology and features of these direct calls are mostly dependable on the browser. Selenium WebDriver supports all the most broadly used web browsers and operating systems compatible with them:

  • Internet Explorer,
  • Chrome,
  • Firefox,
  • Opera,
  • Safari,
  • Html Unit (simulates a browser),
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad),
  • Android,
  • BlackBerry.

WebDriver supplies understandable and well-designed API that assists in tests maintenance and reading. It is not dependable on any particular test framework. WebDriver API is object-oriented, allows more control over code and code reuse that saves time and enables support for advanced web-app testing problems.
Selenium WebDriver does not require a special server to execute tests. It directly starts and controls a browser instance. Moreover, Selenium WebDriver uses native events for interaction with a web page. This feature enables modeling of complex interactions, thus, approaches resemblance with interaction between user and website or web application.
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