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Quintagroup services include development with a wide range of technologies including Python, JavaScript, Django, and Plone.

Quintagroup is  IT solutions company with over 15 years of experience. We provide full-cycle services in the areas of web development and design, web application and portal development with a focus on Python on the backend. Combining our technical expertise and profound knowledge of latest trends we offer cutting-edge web solutions that deliver clear benefits for our clients.

Areas of expertize - Plone, Python, Pyramid and Django


Quintagroup has extensive experience in development and implementation of the e-procurement software:

    • e-Procurement software - such software will automate and scale procurement and supply processes, increase your market share and eliminate paperwork.
    • OpenProcurement toolkit - we developed open source e-Procurement software that has been already applied in several projects, including ProZorro and
    • e-Auction module - OpenProcurement toolkit contains e-Auction module that manages auction stage of the procurement.
    • Test Stand with automated acceptance test suite is part of the OpenProcurement toolkit that covers running tests, exploring test run details, and publishing the results.
    • Log Server is used to ensure transparency and trackability of the Central database, web platforms, Auction module, other modules and system actors the OpenProcurement toolkit


Our company always follows the latest technology trends, providing our customers all over the world with high-class development of custom Python-based solutions:

    • Python Development - Quintagroup utilizes open source technologies to provide a powerful environment for development.
    • Python Web Development - Python web frameworks provide us with tools to build reliable and extendible custom Web solutions for business and life.
    • Python Programming services - Python is a success formula for maximum productivity, top quality, and user-friendly maintainability.
    • Python Development on Google App Engine - Python applications on Google App Engine Cloud Platform open up new features and advantages for Python frameworks.
    • Python applications - Using innovative open source technologies we build top quality, cost-effective web applications of any complexity, from small web-based solutions to large complex systems.
    • Automated Testing - With Selenium, Robot Framework and Python as a core our Quality Engineers provide a full range of web automation services to boost the quality of your web applications,  increase the productivity and  lower the maintenance costs of your  Plone website.
    • Django Development - Django is a high-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
    • Zope Development - Zope is a leading open source application server and content management framework that might be a basis for content management solutions, portal content management, and custom applications.


Keep up-to-date and become mobile with Quintagroup mobile web development solutions backed up by responsive website design!

  • Mobile Web Development - check the reasons for mobile web development as provided by Quintagroup experts, and the other details on the way to becoming mobile
  • How To Make a Mobile Website - the complex, but always beneficial and rewarding process of making a mobile website based on Plone CMS and responsive website design solutions
  • Mobile Website Design - the peculiarities and advantages of using responsive web design for your mobile website as implemented by Quintagroup team of professionals
  • Responsive Web Design - find a detailed outline of what responsive website design comes about, how it works and the pros and cons of implementing it  for your mobile website
  • Mobile-friendly wesbite - find out whether mobile-friendly features impact your search ranking and how to make your website mobile-friendly and responsive.

Web Services

Besides, we offer other web services:

  • Web Design - designing websites that are elegant, simple, to the point, and follow usability guide-lines.
  • Infographic design services - delivery of well-polished and graphically appealing infographic designs that suit your online business needs, increase website traffic and improve your brand's awareness.
  • Content Management Solutions - e-commerce, real estate, intranet, portal, enterprise Information, knowledge management, and learning Content Management portal solutions.
  • Content Marketing Services - content strategy development for your business specific goals, regular publishing of relevant and high-quality content, analytics and reporting.
  • Social Media Marketing - social media is used as a channel to promote companies, increase digital coverage, promote brand awareness and word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Inbound Marketing Solutions - includes content marketing, search engine optimization, social-media marketing, and lead nurturing strategies.
  • Conference Management System - Plone-based solution for managing conferences and events online. Features include: conference registration software, online payments collection and attendees management.
  • Internet Marketing - optimization services that help to advance Plone sites in Google natural search results.
  • Content Writing - Fresh, relevant, and quality content for both your visitors and search engines.
  • Video production - animation, promotional, and explainer videos that will allow viewers to taste the uniqueness of your business.
  • Zope Development - custom programming for Zope-based projects that require custom tools and techniques.
  • Zope Training - corporate training seminars and presentations on topics ranging from beginner to advanced programming techniques using various frameworks, applications and tools developed with Zope/Plone CMS and Python programming language.
  • Open Source Intranet - intranet services based on the Plone open source CMS platform are provided to help our clients manage their knowledge and share information efficiently
  • Mobile - up-to-date mobile website design based on responsive website design approach provides our clients with effective and user-friendly solutions
  • JavaScript development services - we can augment functionality and power of your website or application using JavaScript
  • Multilingual Website Development - content management and maintenance of your multilingual websites with the help of LinguaPlone features and innovations designed specifically for each case by the Quintagroup experts
  • Enterprise Search - find out more about enterprise search features and Solr open source enterprise search engine implemented with Plone
  • Graphic Design - Quintagroup web design ideas following key success strategy principle
  • Copywriting - find out all about the essence of copywriting and the way it can contribute to the skyrocketing success of your business!
  • Web Accessibility - making the web accessible to all users despite their possible mental, physical or social disabilities. Check out Quintagroup accessible web design services
  • E-commerce - read and come up with implementing the benefits of Quintagroup e-commerce solutions to your website
  • Software Testing - make sure that your software or application works in line with initial specifications with Quintagroup software testing services


Our Plone content management software development services include:

  • Plone Development - full range of development services for Plone CMS, including Plone products & content types development, Plone   enhancements and any other Plone implementation services.
  • Plone Themes - development of free, premium, and custom Plone themes, including web design services and/or skinning - converting design into live Plone theme.
  • Plone Support - reliable, efficient, high-quality support services, including regular maintenance, check-ups, software upgrades, regular analysis, and more.
  • Plone and Zope Hosting - reliable, secure and powerful Plone/Zope Hosting Services. Quintagroup offers several hosting packages for customers with different requirements.
  • Plone Content Manager Services - delegate content management tasks to our content manager to systematically add/edit/update content on your Plone website.
  • Plone - Salesforce Integration - Plone open source CMS Integration for Salesforce CRM opens new outstanding features and allows to use unique Saleforce functionality in Plone.
  • Plone Consulting - focused consulting, programming and support services to organizations interested in deploying web-based solutions on Plone CMS open platform.
  • Plone Upgrade - sites migration from old Plone versions to any of the latest Plone releases, including Plone 4. Websites upgrade from/to any Plone versions.
  • Plone Migration - with our Plone Migration Service we can migrate content from any static websites, websites based on other CMSs to Plone.
  • Plone Performance Analysis and Optimization - analysis of existing systems performances, help with eliminating your site's slowness, errors and downtime; help with tuning your system, getting it run smoothly and make the most of resources.
  • Plone Search Engine Optimization - optimization of Plone-based websites for SE, including keyword research, link analysis, site structure improvement, duplicate content issues fixing, Google analysis implementation and more.
  • Plone Training - online training for non-technical users on basic content management with Plone: websites creation and customization, managing multilingual Plone websites.
  • Plone Intranet - intranet services based on the Plone open source CMS platform are provided to help our clients manage their knowledge and share information efficiently
  • Plone Support for Higher education - Plone is the most popular CMS for higher education institutions, as secure workflow system and central workspace, where you can securely share files and manage projects.
  • Plone Authentication Solutions - enhance security and simplify access to your web services and networks with robust user authentication system by combining multiple identification factors together.

Pricing models

One of the toughest decisions while starting a business relationship is choosing the right engagement model. Quintagroup provides several approaches to pricing of software projects.

  • Comparison of Pricing Models - right business model depends on variety of factors and needs clarifications according to specific use cases.
  • Fixed price model - perfect for projects, where requirements, specifications and schedules can be clearly defined before the start of the project development.
  • Time and Material pricing - client pays only for time and resources spent on the project.
  • Dedicated team - outsource company provides IT professionals that will fully concentrate only on one client at a time, while client has full management control over the project and team.

Using Open Source software such as Linux, Apache, Djnago, Odoo, Plone, Docker Quintagroup can develop a variety of stable web solutions at low cost, without licence charge issues. By using open source technology, Quintagroup can provide a rapid cost-effective service to clients.

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Open Source Technology

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