Pyramid Web Framework - Bringing New Ideas to Life

Pyramid Web Framework is an open source Python-based web application framework which appears as one of the web solutions suggested by Quintagroup

Pyramid python frameworkPyramid as an open source Python-based web application framework provides web developers with the new and user-friendly way of creating web applications. In fact, ‘minimax strategy’ is the term well-applicable to Pyramid - minimum complexity with maximum results in the sphere of web applications development.

Pyramid is characterized by its simplicity and speed, demanding only practical and surface knowledge of the way it actually works and at the same time presupposing fast execution of common tasks which is beneficial for managing a number of projects. Pyramid works under the open source license and provides reliability with its exhaustive testing system wherever the Pyramid source code appears. Besides, Pyramid ensures secure and extensive documentation of each process within web application development process.

One of the most striking features of Pyramid in contrast with the other existing web application solutions like Pylons, TurboGear and Django, is its ability to cater for both small and large applications. In case of the former Pyramid does not require that the web developer should know it inside-out, while suppose you want to create a latter one, you will have to find out a bit more about the Pyramid framework and then implement your knowledge in practice. It is worth mentioning that most of the other web application frameworks are marked with either ‘small’ or ‘big’-app development ability, while Pyramid strives to combine all the necessary features to be applicable to both types. Moreover, all the features are clearly collected and distinguished to meet the needs of each project. The ‘newly-suggested’ options by Pyramid are the following:

  • Single-file applications
  • URL generation
  • Extensible configuration
  • All-embracing templating and asset specifications
  • Flexible authentication and authorization
  • Testing, support and comprehensive data documentation
  • View predicates and many views per route

Pyramid web framework works as a part of the Pylons Project aimed at collecting a ‘bouquet’ of the most advanced project developers to cooperate in bringing new ideas to old web-based problems.

Suppose you are interested in creating a web application written in Python, address Quintagroup and we shall implement new Pyramid solutions to the needs of your project. Feel free to contact us at any suitable time.

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