Looker Consulting: Efficient BI as a Way to Success

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Data locked away in a database needs to do something for you. Therefore, business intelligence is the final stretch of deriving value from it. With our Looker Consulting, your data will finally become understandable to any team member, boosting the results of your company.

Looker maximizes the value of your data. Consumers don't hunt for information from a single source; instead, they combine facts from various sources, such as YouTube, social media, transactional data, and joining data.

In most cases, data must be combined, and it comes in various sizes and forms.

Data will likely need to be extracted from its different sources, transformed, and prepared before being finally sent into a database, data warehouse, data engine, data lake, or whatever name you choose to give it.

Google offers several amazing ones, like Cloud Spanner, Cloud SQL, and Google BigQuery.

If you're an engineer or data analyst, this may be the end of the road for you. After that, you only need direct access to the database's information.

Yet that's only feasible for some people. Others might be unable to access the database's contents because they need to learn SQL, comprehend how the data is organized there, or understand it but require access.

Looker is, therefore, that crucial component that enables general users to get the hang of data. With Looker, many employees in your company may analyze data without getting their hands dirty and fully comprehending the database's data schema. It is really potent.

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Quintagroup Looker Consulting: The Services We Provide

We offer the expertise and knowledge required to use complex data visualization technologies like Looker with our data analytics consultants. Our aim is a fruitful collaboration to ensure your company can use all of Looker's features. 

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Looker Support

We can assist you whether you want to set up a new Looker environment or require maintenance for a current one. With our detailed Looker consulting, your workers will grasp how this tool works fast and easily.

Google Analytics Visualization in Looker 

Looker Studio offers an easy and powerful means to visualize your Google Analytics data. For example, we can quickly learn about the demographics of your site visitors, the frequency of their visits, the types of content they are interested in, and the actions they are taking by using Looker Studio. We can also quickly create customized reports to monitor and investigate website performance, user engagement, and other factors. Connecting your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts to Looker Studio lets you make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently.

Check-Ups for Looker

Let us evaluate your current Looker settings to guarantee a safe and efficient environment. 

Additionally, we will offer comprehensive analyses for enhancing and perfecting your environment. With the understanding of such a tool as Looker, your employees will work more productively.

Looker Migration

Aiming to switch from another BI platform to Looker? We have experience with almost every BI tool available and are familiar with their drawbacks. To make sure your migration is successful, it is in our capacity to carry out a unique migration plan. We'll walk you through every step, including technical requirements, technical and go-live support.

Data Preparation 

We will evaluate your current data situation to determine your readiness to start using Looker for data analysis. Choose or combine various services, including use case identification, architecture recommendations, data preparation, modeling, etc.

Dashboards and Reports

Designing and creating Looker dashboards is our area of expertise. We can help you with everything from writing LookML to integrating Looker for close-loop reporting. We will closely work with you to prepare every detail and assist you in creating and maintaining your dashboards and reports with our Looker consulting services.

Looker Studio: The Benefits For Your Business

No Costs Involved

Google is making this tool available for free despite its impressive performance. It includes numerous report template options. A similar software package can be expensive, which is a fantastic value.

But some services, like community connector programs, might cost extra. You may upgrade to the Pro plan if you'd like additional features. Yet, once more, this primarily applies to medium-sized to large organizations.

Streamline the Analysis of Your Data

Use various filters to evaluate your data and derive more insightful conclusions. For instance, you can change your timeframe or track the data based on a project or account. As a result, you will get more insightful info.

The software has various features that may be used to break down the information further. One such capability includes carrying out statistical operations.

Simple Ways To Communicate Your Ideas

With the app's collaboration functionality, sharing the reports with your team members will be simple to get their feedback. You may choose, for instance, which features each team member can access and decide if they can edit reports or merely see them.

Making Personalized Reports

Creating reports using Looker Studio is one of the main benefits you should consider. But which components can be customized to meet your needs? It is up to you to decide.

Also, you will have control over how the data is displayed. For instance, you may design graphs. This will give you a fast visual depiction of company trends, so you can follow your current trajectory and gauge how near you are to achieving your objectives. In addition, this graphic representation is frequently more straightforward to understand than a spreadsheet.

Also, you may quickly change the report's appearance to fit your tastes. Businesses that deal with numerous consumers may find this handy.

Spare the time

Compiling reports by hand might take some time. You'll frequently need to collect the sources from various tables and other locations. All you have to do is enter the sources you choose, though, because everything is easily connected to Looker. Making a legible report with this will take just a few minutes. It is much better if you can generate reports using some pre-made themes.

You may also create automatic reports. This feature will provide you with up-to-date information about the state of your company without requiring you to do any further work. 

Looker Use Cases

looker use cases

Sales Analytics

One of the best sales analysis tools available, Looker Studio offers data on client behavior, market trends, and overall performance.

With it, you can:

  • Visualize and monitor performance
  • Create actionable dashboards
  • Analyze historical performance
  • Deliver insights with data models
  • Develop automated reports

Marketing Analytics

Looker makes it simple for analysts to interact with other team members and share their insights.

With it, you can:

  • Easily create interactive dashboards and visuals
  • Collaboratively analyze data
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Empower non-technical users
  • Quickly identify trends

Product Analytics

Businesses can quickly derive insights from their data and create product performance strategies with the help of Looker.

With it, you can:

  • Create customizable data visualizations
  • Utilize rich data exploration
  • Create actionable insights
  • Automate analysis and reporting
  • Stay up-to-date with progress

Web Analytics

Looker gives companies the tools to monitor and evaluate user behavior, improve user engagement, and optimize their websites. You can measure and monitor user interactions with it, spot patterns in consumer behavior, and assess the success of campaigns and other web initiatives.

With it, you can:

  • Understand user behavior
  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Analyze site performance
  • Track and compare campaigns
  • Optimize SEO

Data Science Analytics

Looker Studio offers comprehensive analytics solutions and is made to close the gap between data science and analytics.

With it, you can:

  • Create interactive visualizations
  • Analyze complex datasets
  • Monitor data in real-time
  • Collaborate effectively
  • Create actionable dashboards

 All these functionalities are in just one tool. Consider taking advantage of our Looker consulting services.

Why Quintagroup for Looker Consulting?

We at Quintagroup are dedicated to giving clients expert consulting and data management services.

We employ a variety of infrastructure, platforms, and tools, including Looker, to support your objectives and produce insight-driven programs that help expand your business.

Furthermore, we rely on an array of infrastructure, platforms, and tools, including Looker, to support your objectives and produce insight-driven programs to expand your business.

Let's collaborate with you to ensure Looker derives the best results from your data.

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