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Tidy up your data and automate BI processes with our AWS QuickSight Consulting. This way, you can spare your time on more essential business goals.

Businesses are constantly finding opportunities to leverage the growing quantity of information to their benefit and, therefore, meet and even exceed their objectives. Therefore, Quintagroup offers detailed AWS QuickSight consulting to let your company optimize information organizing and analysis.

For instance, if only a tiny part of data could be correctly gathered, processed, and evaluated, businesses may learn a great deal that would enable them to decisively outperform their rivals.

Companies may use business intelligence (BI) technology and tools to analyze, create reports, visualize, and turn data into meaningful, usable information. In this case, AWS QuickSight will come in handy, let’s find out how.

Why Should You Use AWS QuickSight for Analytics?

aws quicksight for analytics

Everyone in your company will access your data in an understandable way with the help of Amazon QuickSight. Now your workers can improve their productivity by posing questions in plain language, examining data visualizations, or having machine learning-powered algorithms do the pattern and outlier detection for them. Some advantages include:

  • There are no servers to maintain: AWS QuickSight offers a highly reliable way to visualize your data for thousands of users, making it a great choice of workload optimization for both large and small companies. The tool will automatically adapt to handle many users while ensuring high availability, so you won't have to worry about sustaining or administering servers. Instead, businesses can use the time and resources saved to concentrate on core tasks. QuickSight is serverless like other AWS services, therefore, the platform loads fast and operates smoothly.
  • Scalability: As already mentioned, thousands of people can access your data simultaneously with Amazon QuickSight. Companies with the need to manage significant volumes of data and users will benefit from this service without the headache of operating servers.
  • Pay by usage: You won't have to pay for licenses or subscription upfront using a pay-per-session means of payment. Instead, users will only be charged for the time they use the service, making it an affordable option for companies of all sizes. You may thus scale up or down as necessary without worrying about fixed expenses. 
  • No information leakage: Provide dashboards and insights to numerous people securely, and administrate users and content with SSO and role-based identification methods. QuickSight is also compliant with industry requirements.
  • Vast choice of Integration: QuickSight offers simple integration for various sources:
  1. Third-party data
  2. Native AWS sources
  3. Cloud and on-premises data sources

The connectivity features of QuickSight simplify it for users to connect to their favorite data sources without the need for intricate settings or writing a code.

  • Simple auto narratives: AWS QuickSight with its AI features can automatically create narratives in human language and incorporate them into automated reporting, providing end users with more context. You can pose linguistic queries about your data and leverage Q's engine to obtain relevant graphics without the nonautomated data processing required by authors and administrators.

    Also, AWS QuickSight uses machine learning technologies to analyze massive volumes of data in order to find anomalies and deviations.
  • Lightning-fast processing: An engine called SPICE handles memory computation in QuickSight, continuously duplicates information to maximize accessibility, helps to save time, money, and energy. Moreover, it can scale as your data increases, guaranteeing that your queries execute instantly regardless of your dataset's size.
  • Easily accessed: Users of QuickSight may access their data instantly, from any device, at any location, and anytime they require it. Thanks to an enhanced mobile experience, they may now access capabilities like:
  1. Drill-downs
  2. Filters
  3. Forecasts
  4. Email notifications
  5. Cooperative watching
  6.  Sharing

QuickSight makes it simple to get data and insights while on the road by being accessible on iOS, Android, and mobile web access.

Please contact us if you wish to profit from our data analytics and business intelligence expertise. Our team of specialists provides AWS QuickSight Consultation to assist you in better understanding your data and making sound decisions. We are glad to hear from you and help you in accomplishing your BI and analytics objectives.

When to Use AWS QuickSight with Quintagroup?

why aws quicksight colsulting by quintagroup

What's the best for you: Power BI, Looker, or Quicksight? Get a consultation

It's crucial to take into account your distinctive preferences and requirements when selecting a data visualization tool. While Looker is the best choice for companies requiring more sophisticated analytics functionality and customizability, Power BI is simple and has rich functionality. An inexpensive option that is compatible with other AWS services is QuickSight. Choose the best option according to your particular demands by consulting an expert.

Quicksight specialists for your AWS application

Quicksight seamless interaction with other AWS services like Redshift and S3 makes browsing and analyzing your data from many sources simple. It is one of the main advantages. The best action would be to contact Quicksight specialists about your requirements. They can provide you with information on how well it integrates with other AWS services and how cost-effective it is in comparison to alternative solutions. When deciding on a data visualization tool, getting the most out of your investment is essential.

Using Quicksight for BI in a New Application 

With QuickSight, you can design unique dashboards and visualizations that provide immediate insights into your data. In addition, it is significantly less expensive than other products, bringing financial value to your business. Quicksight is a great option for any company wishing to use the potential of data visualization, whether you're trying to enhance corporate operations or gain a market advantage.

Streamlining data conversion

Amazon QuickSight offers a robust data import architecture that is simple to comprehend, analyze, and apply to data conversion. It enables customers to swiftly and easily import data from:

  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon Kinesis

It also has sophisticated analytics tools, including machine learning algorithms and data modeling, making it a powerful and user-friendly data ingestion architecture.

Modernization of BI Reporting

SQL Server on Amazon EC2 is a strong option for data analysis and the delivery of interactive BI and paginated reports. With it, you can access, analyze, and display information via any device or browser. As a result, businesses may use the platform to their benefit, receiving a whole perspective of their data, and, therefore, making data-driven choices and promoting corporate success.

BI Mobile Integration

The tool makes essential KPIs and analytics more viewable on an Apple product or Android device. Users may engage with their data, delve down into details, and alter visualizations to understand their data on the go better, helping them to stay informed and make rational choices thanks to the mobile BI features of AWS QuickSight.

Implementing a Business Intelligence approach

Implementing BI Solutions may help create a cost-effective and fulfilling Business Intelligence strategy and roadmaps, using tools to test and deploy BI solutions such as Amazon QuickSight Pilots/POCs.

Obtaining Data Insights

Our BI migration service assists organizations in migrating their existing BI systems to Amazon QuickSight Embedded Analytics, enabling them to leverage the platform's tremendous estimations.

Connection to data warehouses 

Amazon QuickSight is a cloud service for interactive data visualization and BI that allows customers to quickly generate visual and interactive dashboards, reports, and analytics from warehouse data. It gives comprehensive valuable information, powerful analytics, and applies machine learning techniques to unearth more profound insights. Also, integrate data from many sources and build complex patterns for restricted data exchange.

AWS QuickSight Consulting Services with Quintagroup 

Quintagroup believes that genuine data uniformity and modernization will occur only when everyone, regardless of technical proficiency, can interact with data easily and feel encouraged by it. Thus, we are willing to empower everyone with the data-driven decision-making tools and procedures they require.

We can help you guarantee data literacy is integrated inside your business as an AWS Quicksight Consulting Partner. Our consultants can assist you in developing a complete business intelligence solution for organizing and visualizing your data, regardless of where its current storage position. 

Quintagroup has helped numerous businesses gain significant business insights from their data. In addition, we can give a comprehensive perspective of the issue due to our knowledge of:

  • AWS databases and storage systems
  • data integration tools
  • BI and analytics platforms paired with our comprehensive cloud strategy.

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