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Kubernetes Consulting: Accomplish your technical and security goals quickly and safely. Containerized clustered architectures with Quintagroup professionals.

An open-source framework for container orchestration – Kubernetes, makes it possible to build distributed, resilient systems. This platform distributes the load among many nodes, controls the life cycle of containers by default, and keeps the system reliable. To simplify your CD/CI workflow, we offer sophisticated Kubernetes consulting services.

Kubernetes Consulting and Other Services We Offer

Kubernetes Consulting

At Quintagroup, we have a knowledgeable team of Kubernetes consultants who can help you make the most of this technology by providing guidance and support. We share practical knowledge on Kubernetes development and advice on how to make use of the technology effectively.

Pipeline Implementation (CI/CD)

One of Kubernetes' primary application areas is managing delivery pipelines or continuous integration. Receive help from our Kubernetes specialists while you set up your CI/CD process. We will work with you to quicken the product development.

Expert Kubernetes consulting and services we offer

Kubernetes Incorporation

To deploy Kubernetes, we analyze your business procedures, workloads, and technological stack. Implementation of Kubernetes will be a complete success thanks to the assistance of our knowledgeable team of DevOps experts.

Containerized Applications

Put your old application through a transformation by migrating it to a micro-services-based architecture. Quintagroup has extensive experience providing container orchestration services to customers worldwide.

Ongoing Maintenance for Kubernetes

We keep an eye on the solution constantly to spot any inconsistencies. Before they begin to impair performance, our team of specialists makes sure to address any problems.

Migration to the cloud

We can swiftly move containers from autonomous Kubernetes to the cloud without changing the application. You may quickly switch to your preferred cloud platform without altering the code of your current apps if you want to decrease the amount of self-management.

Quintagroup Kubernetes Consultation Phases

It goes without saying that your team must put a lot of effort into planning something as complicated as automated application deployment. To do this, you could require Kubernetes consulting, a unique service that entails organizing forthcoming tasks and the associated budget. The process of our Kubernetes consulting is described below.

Kubernetes Consultation Journey

Assessment of the current architecture

At this step, we closely collaborate with the client to determine the most essential Kubernetes setup tasks, schedule workloads, and assemble a list of fault tolerance specifications.

The work's scope is described

After the initial assessment is over, we go on to a thorough examination of the client's infrastructure, relying on many professionals. The project's fundamental architecture and a list of the tasks our team must perform are the products of this stage.

CI/CD preparation

We assess the CI/CD project's planned processes at this point in our Kubernetes consulting process and make any necessary adjustments. Based on the findings, we decide which technology stack is best for the project.

Adding up the costs

After our team has finished the comprehensive planning of the cluster deployment, we advise the customer of the cost and time frame. We start the process of automating application deployment when we have reached an agreement about fees and time frames.

Exploring Kubernetes advantages

Kubernetes performs a fantastic job of automating containerized systems. This way, businesses gain productivity and save time. Now, companies may simply automate the containerization of workloads. The primary characteristics are as follows: 

Orchestration of containers

Containerized applications may be automatically deployed, scaled, and load-balanced.

Declarative setup

To make your apps and infrastructure easier to manage and maintain, Kubernetes lets us declare the intended state of your systems.

Locating a Service

The tool has a feature that allows programs to discover one another and communicate with one another.

Balanced loading

With built-in load balancing, Kubernetes distributes traffic among several instances of an application.

Automatically scalable 

This technology automatically adjusts apps according to parameters like resource use.

Regular updates

Without a single interruption, it updates software.

Best Kubernetes Features

One or more master and non-master nodes typically make up a Kubernetes setup. The workloads and Docker containers you already have may be used with Kubernetes. Although it is fairly easy to sketch the fundamental elements of a diagram, it is more difficult to define and put into practice the sample K8S architecture for your company.

The Control Plane, which is in charge of keeping the cluster we previously mentioned in the appropriate condition, is administered by a Kubernetes master. The Kubernetes Control Plane, meanwhile, is made up of a number of elements with specific functions:

  1. The central repository for all cluster-related data is called etcd. It serves as the binding agent that keeps the platform's overall integrity intact.
  2. Users may execute apps, build API resources, and set cluster settings using kube-apiserver.
  3. User-created API objects are managed by kube-controller-manager. To make sure it consistently reflects the desired state, it polices the actual cluster state.
  4. User workload scheduling is handled by kube-scheduler. To choose the best infrastructure for handling the job, it takes into account user-defined limitations, user-available node resources, and node health.
  5. To connect your cluster to your cloud provider, cloud-controller-manager works with the APIs of the cloud providers while incorporating cloud-specific control logic.
  6. Users' deployed applications always execute on non-master nodes. These nodes use kubelet to interact with the master. 
  7. Additionally, each node runs the application kube-proxy, which replicates Kubernetes networking services.

The Kubernetes Control Plane

Although the Kubernetes architecture is rather sophisticated, it offers a wide range of options for designing the best platform for your application processing and data storage needs. The Kubernetes experts at Quintagroup have the expertise to lower the risks associated with the design and execution of your Kubernetes cloud. Contact us to discover more.

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