Open Source Intranet Software

An overview of the Plone-based open source intranet software that enables you to manage your knowledge and share information efficiently

The fast pace of today’s business life and constant need for quick changes and rapid solutions contribute to the importance of effective business process management or workflow software system. If your company comprises a number of offices and you want to arrange the proper sharing of information and knowledge between them, then the CMS intranet is the perfect solution for you. Moreover, we suggest using intranet software based on the open source platform that would both manage the workflow and save your expenses.Intranet Software

Our intranet services are based on the Plone open source CMS platform which possesses a number of distinctive features to meet the needs of our clients:

  • Collaborative knowledge management - the organization internal policy views knowledge as a resource that needs to be properly ‘managed’ for its full-fledged and effective implementation for the company’s needs. The collaborative mode of such management involves participation and cooperation of all workers and leads to delivering the most efficient solutions to any existing problem
  • Information sharing with site owners being able to upload and share the content using their own folder hierarchy
  • Customizable workflow with special roles assigned to the individuals and groups of coworkers
  • New document versioning as a revision control tool
  • Single sign-on and a fast platform to enhance employee adoption and productivity
  • Effective web search with full-text indexing
  • Secure site access and sharing across the company with individual or group permissions to documents and folders

Creating intranet portals designed specifically to meet the needs of your company is one of the services provided by Quintagroup. Intranets enable employees to share their experience and ideas with others without leaving their workplaces. Modern intranet software possesses a number of functions that facilitate the process of business communication, enable quick and easy interaction between distant offices, knowledge and workflow management. In addition to this, intranets provide interactive blogs and advanced search opportunities.
The benefits of this software are truly acknowledged by the companies today and they are using it to efficiently maintain their workflow in a secure way and manage their projects.

Quintagroup suggests using Plone CMS or KARL as a base for your open source intranet portal providing your company with the individual approach to your needs and requirements irrespective of the field you’re working in.
If you are interested in this type of services provided by Quintagroup, don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

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