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In layman’s terms, Cypress is a web front-end automated testing tool. Even end-to-end (E2E) tests can be written and executed using Cypress.

And as you may know, E2E testing is where you test your entire project from beginning to end. It guarantees that all software’s integrated components perform and interact as planned.

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Cypress Architecture

Cypress is a JavaScript-based accessible testing framework that facilitates web application testing. Contrary to Selenium, Cypress automation testing functions flawlessly on a browser without requiring driver files. The shared platform between the automated code and the application code provides total control over the application that is being tested.

The Cypress automated testing platform runs on a Node.js server, which interacts with the testing executor (Browser) utilized by Cypress to perform the application and test code in the same run.

Why Does Quintagroup Consider Cypress?

Cypress: Fast and Efficient

Cypress is designed to allow for concurrent development and tests. Real-time reflection of changes is available as well. As a result, developers produce more, their code is better, and it is thoroughly tested during each development life cycle.

Cypress can test and execute code very quickly.

Cypress not only speeds up or simplifies the start of automated testing in JavaScript, but also stays a more comprehensible tool for expert Quality Assurance engineers. Therefore, it is easy to learn. Moreover, straightforward UI only enhances your devoted development team’s performance. Finally, debugging in Cypress is quicker with legible defects, screenshots, and recordings.

Automated tests diversity

Along with e-2-e testing, Cypress allows you to create and execute the following:

  • accessibility tests
  • application programming interface tests
  • front-end tests
  • module testing
  • unit tests
  • accessibility tests, and some of them combined.

Vast and Strong Community

With specialists from all around the world assisting and sharing their experiences, Cypress has a vibrant community. Therefore, developers and QAs always have support. This way, they are less prone to failures. With Cypress, the quality of your software is impeccable.

Cypress has nothing to do with Selenium

Since Selenium is used in most e-2-e testing tools, they all have similar issues. To launch a browser with restricted access, this tool takes advantage of Node.js. Instead of relying solely on remote control, the tests in this framework are executed at the browser level. Cypress operates in the same stream as your application, unlike Selenium, which carries out external online instructions.

When Does E-2-E Testing Come in Handy?

Testing is even more critical in front-end development as a crucial component of software engineering. There might need to be more than conducting unit and functional tests to ensure the program is correct because there are so many moving pieces.

For instance, you can’t confirm that a specific user flow doesn’t lead to problems with unit testing. End-to-end (E2E) testing is helpful in this case, since it enables you to simulate user activity on your app and ensure that everything is operating as expected. Writing End-to-end tests is easy if you’re creating web applications that are fit for production.

Other Automated Testing Services We Offer

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Wrapping Up

A fantastic tool with an increasing feature set is Cypress. For QA automation engineers, it simplifies setting up, writing, executing tests, and debugging. It also features a good, built-in execution environment and a faster learning curve.

It is entirely JavaScript-focused and includes new APIs designed to simplify scripting. Additionally, it provides an adaptable test execution strategy that allows for significant and unforeseen changes.

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