Support Service - Plone / Zope User and Customer Support.

Quintagroup support ensures stable and successful performance of your website. Customer care and cutting edge web solutions - this is what Quintagroup suggests. A small company or a large enterprise, you can always rely on our support services. There is no cure for all diseases, but what we can guarantee in any case is our instant reply to your support ticket and  ambition to find the best solution in your particular case. Download our Web development services presentation and get acquainted with Quintagroup and our capabilities by viewing our portfolio.

Here goes a more detailed description of our range of support services offers:

Basic free support from Quintagroup Basic free support - the title of the service speaks for itself - it’s basic and it’s free. You will receive professional pieces of advice and guidance relevant to your particular issue. However, if you need more profound and systematic individual support - check the next two type of offers.
Paid support per incident basis from Quintagroup Paid support per incident basis - also very often referred to as ‘on-demand support’ . No matter how you call it, this type of support is very popular among clients, because it is both efficient and money-saving. You won’t have to spend extra money to your support services provider for literally doing nothing when it is not needed. You will only pay them if you need and when you need their services, i.e. per incident. Beneficial, reliable, simple and understandable - just order and let  your budget enjoy all the advantages of this type of support!
Paid support monthly packages from Quintagroup Paid support monthly packages (fixed hours included) - if you do not want to bother about paying your support services provider each time you need their help, simply choose our support monthly packages. Keep your web ideas safe and sound relying on systematic check-ups and improvements provided by Quintagroup experts! You will monitor the work of your company and we will monitor the efficiency of your website!
Plone Support Packages from Quintagroup Plone Support Packages - A full list of Plone Support packages from Quintagroup that include Plone & Zope products upgrade, websites performance monitoring, testing & tuning, regular maintenance, check-ups, software upgrades, cache tuning, site architecture organization support, content management, and more.

Quintagroup’s services are built around your own business strategy and processes. Our Python expertise enables us to put comprehensive support structures in place and provide effective management services, either on-site or remotely, with various support packages available to suit client’s own requirements.

Quintagroup provides reliable, efficient and high-quality support services backed by our Python experts team.

  • Send your support issue to us by creating a support ticket
  • See our 'Frequently Asked Questions' pages to find answers to questions you are interested in:
  • Tutorials - Plone Tutorials provide in-depth treatment of particular topics: Plone visual design & Plone themes, Quintagroup Plone hosting, and general topics about work with Plone CMS & Plone Products.
  • Screencasts - a series of video tutorials about work with Plone CMS and its essential parts. These are useful guides on most of our Plone Products and Plone Themes that include information about their features, way of installation, configuration and usage.

Other business approach used by Quintagroup is Time and Material pricing model. We recommend to use it when project requirements are not precise and can not be clearly defined, when on the first stages project is still raw and there is no sufficient data to properly estimate the final cost, or when the client has constant flow of tasks or enhancements but they are scattered in time and can not be predicted in advance.

If none of the above-mentioned variants suits you - remember that you can always contact us any time for more information.

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