Outsourcing for startups - efficient software development with Python

Quintagroup provides outsourcing Python development for startups. it is perfect option for startups that need to quickly launch their product and be sure in its functionality.

Quintagroup provides outsourcing software development for startups. You search for cost efficient and reliable Python solutions? You are ready to delegate development work to experienced and talented experts? Quintagroup concentrates on product quality and delivery speed. Our custom software development is perfect option for startups that need to launch their product quickly and be sure in its functionality.

The choice to outsource product development is not an easy decision for a startup. Large and successful companies can afford outsourcing since they have time, resources and brand recognition to attract highly qualified and talented people. At the same time startups are limited in time and resources, their ideas are usually not clearly defined, and they don’t have reputation yet, so famous outsourcing companies don’t exactly get in line to work with newcomers.

These days it is hard to find truly good IT experts in your area and it is even harder to hire them for a reasonable price. Most professionals that really can deliver project on time are already working for Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc. It is hard to compete with them for startup with no stability and limited budget. If you outsource Python development services to company like Quintagroup, it gives confidence in product quality and ability to concentrate on other important to your startup tasks, for example, marketing.

With Quintagroup outsourcing you receive only expertise without the need to search for and permanently employ IT team. Outsource company allows to easily change the size and skills of team working on your project. Your venture company will appreciate modern development practices, innovative features and on time product delivery.

The main advantages of outsourcing for a startup are:

  • Reduced costs without the loss in quality.
  • Usage of talented experts and on time deliverables.
  • Proficiency, flexibility and speed.
  • Risk hedging and agility.

If you are unsure of the work scope you will need to do or how many developers should be involved, in-house team is not the best choice. Despite the direct communication and quick response, in-house team means a lot of risk, while using outsourcing you will be able to learn if, when and what kind of team you will need on further stages. Outsourcing web development reduces recruitment costs and is less expensive in general. Moreover, work on project can start within a week.

Quintagroup will help you to resolve main issues on your way to functional product, such as what technology and platform to choose (Python, JavaScript, HTML5, etc.), what features to implement and how to accommodate rapidly changing requirements. Contact us today and we will provide you with the best suited solution based on your project specifics and our experience in web development.

Quintagroup developers can be great addition to your internal team. We have broad experience with:

  • Python programming language that brings flexibility and control to your project;
  • JavaScript programming language that will ensure rich UI and usable web apps, especially using JavaScript libraries (AngularJS, Nodejs, etc.).

We are ready to cooperate on new and interesting ideas on any level of implementation. Use our expertise to develop state-of-art and user-friendly solution.

A startup is a company or a temporary organization (usually newly founded) that aims to assess and develop innovative ideas or business concepts accompanied by commercial potential and high risk. Investment sources may differ, the most popular being venture capital or crowd funding. With the rising popularity of startups search for secure funding becomes a challenge. As a start up you have to predict in what venture companies would be interested, for example, in reliable product development.

If we are talking about software development, the main difficulty is that person or group of people that came up with new and promising business idea usually a) have little or no knowledge in the IT sphere, b) have enough knowledge, but not enough time or resources to implement the idea. In any of this situations software outsourcing can be of great help and solve the issue, since it provides talents that will do the difficult development tasks for you.

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