Sentry Code Health Check from Error Tracking to Performance Monitoring

Optimize your code's performance with our Sentry Code Health Check service. From error tracking to performance monitoring, we ensure your applications run smoothly.

Sentry is software that tracks errors and offers real-time fixes. It has an API that allows events to be sent from different languages and to a variety of applications. The software can efficiently and visibly analyze, recreate, and fix issues. Sentry, which is currently offered as a hosted service, was created as an entirely open-source project and still is. 

One of its key features is to track and detect every conceivable exception from its devkit, regardless of how you or the script handle it. This helps to increase performance and enhance the user experience. It also supports numerous programming languages.

Because you can integrate the devkit into your code and the dashboard will display any exceptions that arise as a result, it is really simple to set up. It's essential since it helps us prevent faults that our program might make and transmit silently. It recognizes the problem and notifies you of the backend file's location.

Sentry Code Health Check

Sentry: Usability

Sentry is a flexible app that can be of benefit in the case of:

This is a must-have modern tool to ensure clean code, well-sorted data, and, therefore, a high-quality product.

Sentry Best Features

Sentry Best Features

Code Health Check

Get an instant overview of the state of your codebase with several simple actions. Automatically detect errors in your web applications, mobile apps, backend APIs, or IoT devices in real-time. Get notified immediately when an error happens, so you can fix it before it affects your company's reputation.

Release Tracking

Monitor your releases on time, so you can be confident they're going as planned. Know who deployed what to where and when, who's running a release, and who's still on their old version. Everything can be found in one location.

Monitoring Release Health

Release health sheds light on how errors and bugs impact your users' experiences, and identify patterns with every new issue. User adoption, program usage, crash frequency, and session data can all be used to track the health of a release.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor the performance of your application or website concurrently with Sentry's live performance dashboard. Customer satisfaction depends on your applications loading quickly, which you can attain with Sentry's performance monitoring.

Platforms Compatibility

The use of Sentry to monitor failures can be utilized by various deployments of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Besides that, Sentry supports the following platforms:

  • vue.js
  • React
  • Django
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • JavaScript, and more.

Why Sentry?

  • Sentry is relatively simple to install and operate.
  • Even the largest projects' demands are met by scaling it.
  • Up to 5,000 events, each month, are cost-free.
  • Your error-reporting code is more efficient on the web, iOS, and Android.

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