Pyramid Web Framework - Resolving Application Complexity

Pyramid Web Framework is an open source application development framework, written in Python

Pyramid is a minimalistic, cross-platform Python web application framework, available under the BSD license.

pyramidInitially launched as repoze.bfg, Pyramid became quite popular in the Zope and Plone community as the Open Society Institute's KARL project migrated from Plone to BFG. In November 2010 after merging BFG into Pylons, it was renamed to Pyramid. Pyramid takes after Zope, Pylons and Django. The great attention was paid to performance speed and reliability of the web framework. Every release of Pyramid undergoes exhausting unit testing.

Core Features

Pyramid comes with a set of features that is unique amongst Python web application frameworks:

  • MVC architecture
  • Platform independence
  • Multiple methods of configuration: ZCML, imperative, decorator-based
  • Extensible templating
  • View predicates and many views per route
  • Built-in HTTP sessioning
  • Configuration extensibility
  • Flexible authentication and authorization
  • Support of relational and non-relational databases.

Pyramid web applications are based on the modules, libraries and tools, allowing our developers  implement complex functionalities and features in a fast and efficient manner. They are easy to  extend,  reuse and modify by third-party developers. Overall,  Pyramid delivers complexity in a simple solution.

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