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Plone Training Service - Our training courses are designed for non-technical users and their aim is to teach them the basics of content management with Plone.

Quintagroup offers a Plone Training for your organization or company. If you need basic training for Plone end users or content management training for site editors and managers - consider our services. Our training courses were designed for non-technical users and their aim is to teach them the basics of content management with Plone.

Quintagroup Plone training will take you through the key aspects of using an average Plone site. We can start with introducing you to the basics of the Plone interface. Then we can cover key concepts both general to all Content Management Systems and specific to Plone. We will also touch upon a few more advanced concepts that will help you understand what you can do with Plone. We will explore how to leverage Plone as a powerful Content Management system by understanding how it works, what add-on products are available, how to leverage the Plone community, and how to get effective help from Plone developers. During our trainings you will learn basics of websites creation and customization with Plone. You will be able to configure Plone Content Management System for your needs.

Our Plone training is online. We can set up a web meeting where attendees will be able to follow online, ask questions, and participate in a video chat. Such organization allows us to use a screen sharing tool that makes it easy for attendees to follow along, step-by-step so they can watch and learn.

We offer 2 sets of Plone Training courses: 'Content management with Plone' and 'Managing multilingual Plone websites'. Besides, we consider creating custom training courses for people/organizations with specific needs. If you need a training tailored according yo your specific requirements - contact us with details and we will create a custom syllabus together.

'Content Management with Plone' Training

This training's goal is to teach your the basics of Plone CMS. Here you will learn how to start building and customizing your Plone site. We will discuss such topics as:

  • What is Content Management System?
  • Overview of the Plone's standard user interface
  • Overview of the tools available in the Plone Control Panel
  • The basics of being a logged-in Plone user
  • Using Plone's Search tool to find content you are looking for
  • Authoring and editing content using WYSIWYG editor Kupu: adding images and resizing them, placing them on the page
  • Plone's default content types: News, Event, File, Page, Link, Collection. When to use which.
  • Best practices for information architecture, creating and using Collections to display dynamic content throughout your site
  • Portlets management in Plone
  • Making simple changes in the ZMI
  • Workflow fundamentals
  • Creating new users and groups
  • Review and approve submitted content
  • Plone add-ons: integrating Plone products into your website to enable group collaboration, full-text searching, multimedia content, multi-lingual content, versioning, mailing lists, discussion forums, etc.

'Multilingual Websites with Plone' Training

This training is a good opportunity for those planning to deploy multilingual sites with Plone. During this training we will cover the following topics:

  • Organization the structure of multilingual website
  • Organizing news, events, forms, photo gallery on multilingual website
  • LinguaPlone product as a tool to manage and maintain multilingual content
  • Switch language options
  • Known usability issues

Custom Plone Training

We offer custom training for our clients with specific needs. We understand that you might have specific needs in learning Plone, so we provide a flexible schedule for such cases. You can specify the topics you are interested in and we will create courses to cover them. We also consider creating screencasts on the most important topics that need to be taught to people in your company.

Our training courses geared towards those people who will be using Plone site or who are advocating for new features to be implemented on the site. Our instructors have been using and developing Plone and have a deep understanding of how the system works, and how to get the most of it.

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