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Plone Support Service - affordable consulting by Plone experts.

Quintagroup provides reliable, efficient and high-quality support services backed by our expert team. If you are looking for professional Plone support - our services are at your disposal. Your company will receive regular maintenance, check-ups, software upgrades, regular analysis and site architecture that stays up to date.

Plone SupportQuintagroup Support Services include Zope and Plone products upgrade, issues fixing, software testing and tuning. We can provide recommendations on any related issue, such as buildout configuration improvement. We do everything from cache tuning, site architecture organization support to content management and Python development.

Quintagroup offers the following  Plone Support Packages:

Plone Support PS05 Package Plone Support PS10 Package Premium Plone Support
Order Order Order
Monthly Price Request a Quote Request a Quote Request a Quote
Number of supported Plone sites up to 3 up to 5 unlimited
Free Virtual server VSZ-256 plus.gif plus.gif plus.gif
Basecamp communication plus.gif plus.gif plus.gif
Email Support plus.gif plus.gif plus.gif
Plone products upgrades plus.gif plus.gif plus.gif
Plone theme improvements plus.gif plus.gif plus.gif
Content Management plus.gif plus.gif plus.gif
Minor Plone upgrades (e.g. Plone 3.0 to 3.3) plus.gif plus.gif plus.gif
Major Plone upgrades (e.g. Plone 2 to Plone 4) minus.gif minus.gif plus.gif
Performance Monitoring plus.gif plus.gif plus.gif
Plone Development plus.gif plus.gif plus.gif
Python Development plus.gif plus.gif plus.gif
Basic performance improvements (caching) minus.gif plus.gif plus.gif
Response Time One Business Day One Business Day One Business Day
Basecamp Time Tracking tool, 10 min incremental plus.gif plus.gif plus.gif
Hours Included 5 10 40, 70, 100, 130,...
Number of incidents (ToDos, Issues, Tickets) unlimited* unlimited*

*Number of incidents/tickets is not limited, but number of hours spent for solving them should not exceed number of support hours included.

Our Support Packages are offered on per month basis - you can order any package listed above. In case you have an urgent support issue and don't need monthly support - contact us for our Commercial Support Services per incident basis. In case of come urgent questions appealing directly to Plone community, or if you want to share some useful information on Plone support, visit Plone Support Center to get your required feedback free of charge.

With any of Quintagroup Support Packages you can enjoy all features that Plone offers. We will help you to develop your Plone site in the best possible way. Any issues with Plone performance or Plone products that might arise will be solved by our experienced Plone specialists. Contact us for more information at any time and we will always be happy to help you.

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