Plone Integration with Google Docs

Plone + Google Docs Integration Service: Quintagroup provides integration services of Plone CMS for Google Docs.

Being a free Content Management system, Google Docs allows online capabilities for Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Forms so that you can create, edit, share, and collaborate with access from anywhere on the Internet. Google Docs also allows shared editing and complete revision histories.

Plone integration with Google Docs opens up new ways of conducting on-line content management in Plone. The purpose of such integration is to enable Google Docs services for Plone users.

Plone + Google Docs integration can bring many advantages to your Plone project, such as:

  • Plone data can be stored on Google servers, instead of in the standard Plone ZODB, e.g document types supported by the Google Docs service can be stored on the Google servers or some information collected by Plone on-line forms cam be transferred to Google Docs Spreadsheet to be stored in the defined fields.
  • Data saved in Google Docs can be accessible through Plone interface for view and edit.
  • Plone users can have multiple access to files: they can manage their documents via Plone or Google Docs interface. Users can also edit their documents directly from the Google Docs application, embedding that page in the current window of Plone site.
  • Sharing settings on Google documents can be set up according to user roles in Plone.
  • Google Docs collaborative editing can be implemented in Plone.

There are several add-on products that are now actively developed in Plone that allow Plone + Google Docs integration.


We implemented Plone Integration with Google Docs Spreadsheet on several websites. You can find more information in our Case Studies section. Here is a featured case:

Great Race Great Race

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