Plone Performance Analysis and Optimization

Performance Analysis & Optimization Service - is offered to analyse existing systems performances help you eliminate site's slowness, errors and downtime.

Is your Plone site performing not quite the way you expected? Is it running too slow? Does it require frequent restarts? Does it have response time slowed down? Is it getting unexpected errors? Is it using more RAM than normal? Is its downtime increasing..? Is adding new features influencing site's performance? Is it suffering from too much content or users?

If you have noticed these or any other signs of site's unsatisfactory performance - this means your system needs tuning. Quintagroup's Plone Performance Analysis and Optimization service was designed to solve such problems and help you eliminate slowness, errors and downtime. We offer Plone Performance Analysis services to analyse existing systems performances. We are using all our experience to tune your system, get it running smoothly and make the most of your resources.

Plone Performance Analysis and Optimization

Our survey of your Plone site performance includes analysis of your website, server, software and configuration. We'll take into consideration all aspects that might cause performance problems - code, caching settings and system configuration.

1. Source Code
We can help you find out bottlenecks in source code to increase its efficiency. We can profile page templates and Python code, audit third-party products, and review your buildout and log.
2. Caching
Investigating your caching settings includes checking squid/varnish configuration, RAM cache settings, cachefu, etc. Developing and refining caching strategies can help to reduce load on the system architecture. What we can offer in terms of caching is:
  • installing load balancer to enable requests balancing between zeo clients
  • configuring number of zeo clients and number of zope threads per a zeo client
  • installing Squid/Varnish (caching proxy) behind Apache server
  • installing to provide significant performance benefits and speed (especially in conjunction with Squid or Varnish caching servers)
  • configuring Plone’s CacheFu
  • LDAP caching
  • configuring caching of pages for anonymous vs. authenticated users
  • adjusting Zope’s built-in RAMCache and HTTPCache
3. System Settings
Analysis of your system presupposes review of your operating system, software versions, integration with any 3rd party systems. We will analyse your hardware resources - CPU, RAM, storage and any virtualization settings.

After our overall analysis you will get a report of what we have found and have done to improve your site's performance.


We implemented Plone Performance Analysis and Optimization on several websites. You can find more information in our Case Studies section.

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