Odoo Human Resources Management Information System

Odoo HRMIS is all-in-one software providing a unique possibility to cope with staff management of any scale, including various related functions, making the process fast and simple as never before. Check out its most popular features with us!

Odoo HRMIS is all-in-one software providing a unique possibility to cope with staff management of any scale, including various related functions, making the process fast and simple as never before. Check out its most popular features with us!

Make a versatile list of your Employees

Organise an employee directory with Employee management module. Here you can create profiles for people working in the company, containing all the necessary information at one place: Private information like full name, id number, bank account number etc.; Work-related information, e.g. employee’s post, category, department, employee’s position in the company hierarchy, contact information, working schedule etc. Employee profile photo can be set as well. In addition, uploading of employees’ document scans is possible and this provides the ability to track file version updates, prevent information relevance conflicts, integrated with Contracts module, makes it possible to follow contract termination dates, set end of trial periods etc. What is extremely important, access to certain kinds of information can be made restricted and available only to specific category of employees like managers, administrators, accountants, board members and so on.

Specific HR Settings such as attendance tracking, timesheets, leaves and much more are also available. Managers have a variety of settings to operate with in configuring the system. For instance, fields for information input are fully customizable - the unnecessary standard ones can be deleted, new required can be created and saved, some can be made mandatory or vice versa.

Employee list is also available in kanban view, what makes it really convenient to find the needed information by grouping and sorting the employee profiles according to their departments, positions, managers, employment status, presence status or by any required custom filter option that can be added on one’s own.

The built-in feature of information uniqueness and correctness control would be of great help in taking care of accuracy with numbers or avoiding repetition and redundancy. Mass editing is one more useful feature that allows adding, deletion or editing information in more than one record at a time - it is really time-saving.

Track, Plan, Record

Attendance tracking module enables you to keep an eye on employees activity, time spent on each task, project, client as well as total figures, summary reports etc. Instead of utilizing separate software for certain purpose you just get task management, time tracking and summaries on your workflow in one unified system. Install id card scanner or fingerprint scanner in the office and observe a daily track record of your staff’s chek-ins and check-outs, see how many hours your employees spend at work, analyse data - get tangible results.

Using Timesheets mobile app or Chrome plugin which automatically synchronize with your Odoo account you become able to track your activity anywhere, anytime, from any device in just one click - even if you’re offline. The Day Planner feature becomes handy for those who like to plan their working day in advance - simply allocate time to each task you are targeting at on this or that day and be sure you haven’t forgotten anything important! Integrate with Odoo Accounting to streamline payroll and reporting processes.

Even more efficiency with Odoo Leaves

Leaves management becomes easier when your staff can use the system to submit leave requests and allocation requests, indicating the type of leave, reason, number of days needed. In turn, the responsible managers get real-time pop-up notifications, direct messages or emails to be instantly informed and decide whether to approve or refuse.

This is not only a quicker way to keep track of numerous applications and enquiries paper-free but also an instrument facilitating the company leaders and decision-makers to plan future activities with no mess.

Every spent dollar on file

There is no easier way to keep your company expenses under careful observation than Odoo Expenses. No matter what for, a business trip or office supplies, there should be an ordered record of your running costs.

Here, your subordinates may just in a couple of clicks create or update a request for allocation or reimbursement, comment, provide additional information and swiftly receive a validation or refusal with notes and edits from the seniors. And no missing receipts any more - use mobile devices to take pictures and attach files to requests on the go. In addition, managers may create sharable expenditure tables and graphs to keep the whole team in the know. Integrating Odoo Expenses with Accounting can make things even more simple for payment and invoice processing.

No appraisal - no motivation

Stay aware of your employees’ productivity - evaluate their performance by conducting periodical assessments with Odoo Appraisals. There are several types of evaluations to be managed: bottom-up, top-down, self-evaluation and final evaluation (by the manager).

Go to calendar view to schedule evaluations, track upcoming sessions and send reminders to employees. Create your own surveys and save templates, share them with other supervisors for proofread, draw up questionnaires to get employees’ feedback.

As a result, you get a summary with an appraisal status of each member of your enterprise taken separately or average figures across the whole company. In addition, each evaluation can be converted to a printable PDF file to be attached to your employees’ files.

More socializing - more engagement

It’s no secret that a strong team spirit and a sense of corporate identity at the workplace is crucial in building a successful business. Let your employees communicate better in a corporate social network by engaging in conversations through real-time live chat, instantly share important information to keep everyone posted, follow specific colleagues or documents to keep up to day with the most recent events, join interest groups and feel as an integral part of the team.

Introduce some gamification into your company’s daily routine with Oddo social tools. Set specific challenges and goals to achieve for separate individuals, whole teams or departments - keep your personnel up and running. Motivate people by publicly rewarding them for significant results and outstanding performance.

Acquire the best talents with Odoo Recruitment

Start with organizing of your job board and be able to track your offers even if they are posted on different employment websites. What is more, you may get and analyse reports on which source drives more applications and adjust your recruitment strategy correspondingly. Keeping track of the candidates' applications is also made simple by Odoo allowing you to automatically route applications to the right emails and managers by assigning a new one to every new job offer. Applicants' inquiries can be managed straightaway with templates as well as individual responses, no matter what channel of communication was chosen - email or online form. Each type of data gets automatically indexed and filtered, what allows to locate specific skills of your potential employees and arrange a well-ordered and structured profile database.

Kanban view available here makes it even more handy when it comes to interviews. You may create a customised set of steps of the recruitment process, for instance, pre-qualification stage, first interview, second interview, etc. and sort your applicants accordingly to see the big picture and know where you are at the moment.

Integrate Odoo Recruitment with Surveys module to create interview templates and online questionnaire forms.

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