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Internet Marketing Service - description of two basic ways to appear on the search engines: Sponsored Results and Natural Results.

There are two ways to appear on the search engines: Sponsored Results and Natural Results.

Sponsored Results (pay-per-click management)

Through sponsored results, you can be high up on the first page of Google, Yahoo and MSN within a matter of days, and for as little as ten cents per visitor. We will provide you with full service extensive key phrase research, account setup, monthly reports and on-going support and suggestions for improvement.

At the top (and/or sides) of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, AskJeeves, etc., you will find something called "sponsored listings". Sponsored results provide a quick and affordable way to move your website to the top of the major search portals for as little as $0.10 per click. Pay-per-click (also known as ppc search engine marketing, cost per click listings, pay per placement, sponsored listings, pay-per-performance, etc.) is a method in which you can choose exactly what search terms you would like your website to be found under. You only pay for clicks on your listing!

Pay per click links can move your website to the first page and charge you only for visitors who click your website link.

Natural Results

Roughly 70% of all search engine clicks are through a non-sponsored links found in the "natural" results. We obtain these rankings through our optimization services. Quintagroup Search Engine Optimization services include link building services, analysis and recommendation on correct titles, meta titles and short names usage, keywords and keyphrases occurrence in a site, broken URLs management. We can also consult you on rules of good Google Sitemaps generation, ways of fixing duplicated pages, and basics of correct robots.txt file creation to disallow some pages from indexing.

Our SEO services are generated depending upon your individual needs. We can also consult you in the sphere of Pay Per Click Marketing (Google AdWords) and additional tools usage for improving your status in search engines.
Advertise without advertising. Content marketing is the most advanced way to the top of search engine rankings. Its goal is to attract and retain clients by regular creating and publishing new and relevant content. We will assist you in creating target-oriented and SEO-optimized content and managing editorial calendar. Also Social Media Marketing is gaining popularity, since it is technique that aims at attracting traffic or attention to the brand or product via social media platforms. If you are interested in more complex approach, then we provide Inbound Marketing Solutions that target potential customers and convert them into leads and successful sales with less cost than traditional outbound marketing.

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