Quintagroup has extensive experience in development and implementation of the e-procurement software

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Electronic procurement is focused on the automation of procurement and supply processes via web-based applications. Applying e-procurement software ensures transparency, accountability, and efficiency of the procurement process. Moreover, it reduces costs and time without compromising on standards and quality of provided services.

Quintagroup has extensive experience in the development and implementation of e-procurement software.

E-procurement advantages

  • Increased market share
  • Cost reduction
  • Expanded Organizator/Supplier Base
  • Eliminated paperwork
  • Structured supplier relationships
  • Ensured policy and standards compliance
  • Standardized procurement processes and workflows
  • Centralized transaction tracking
  • Detailed reporting

A fully integrated comprehensive e-procurement solution will improve the performance and efficiency of organizations and this, in turn, will increase organizations’ profitability.

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OpenProcurement toolkit
OpenProcurement is an open-source e-procurement toolkit developed by Quintagroup. It provides the tools to design and build efficient procurement/purchasing processes.

e-Auction module
OpenProcurement toolkit contains an e-Auction module that manages the auction stage of the procurement.

OpenProcurement case study
Detailed overview of the OpenProcurement solution.

OpenProcurement was applied in Prozorro that is the Ukrainian tender process reform of electronic public and state procurements that introduced e-procurement system.

OpenProcurement was applied in Prozorro.sale that is a Deposit Guarantee Fund (DGF) system that organizes the sale of the property (assets), belonging to insolvent or liquidated banks.

Non-performing loans
NPL (non-performing loans) are called the bank loans that have not been repaid by the borrower for 90 days or are considered unlikely to be repaid due to certain reasons. Owing to the financial crisis and recessions a number of banks appear to be left with very high levels of NPLs. As a result, this may be the source of market failure, affecting the investment rate as well as the economy overall.

The principles of the ProZorro public e-procurement system laid the foundation for Rialto, "the commercial ProZorro".

Open Contracting Data Standard was incorporated in the ProZorro system's core - OpenProcurement toolkit.

Test Stand with Automated Acceptance Test Suite
Test Stand is part of the OpenProcurement toolkit that covers running tests, exploring test run details (including historical records), and publishing the results.

Log Server
To ensure transparency and trackability of the Central database, web platforms, Auction module, other modules and system actors the OpenProcurement toolkit uses logging server.

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Public Procurement - Coopetition solution for marketplaces
The coopetition approach offers a new centralized and efficient solution by introducing cooperation among marketplaces.

Open Data
Open Data is the idea that certain data should be freely available and accessible for everyone to use, reuse and redistribute without any restrictions. We are joining open data initiative by supporting several projects: Open Contracting, Open Procurement

Open Contracting
Open contracting includes norms and practices aimed at increasing disclosure of public procurement processes worldwide and monitoring the implementation of corresponding contracts. We support this project and contribute to various stages of its development because it will provide a fair and competitive business environment for the private sector and improve the quality of goods and services provided to citizens.

Open Procurement
The open procurement method requires procurements to be open to all qualified and interested bidders, be appropriately advertised, have objective qualifications criteria, and be awarded to the least-cost provider without contract negotiations.

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