Business intelligence (BI) software for public procurement

Improve business process monitoring experience, track flow of documents, identify hidden issues driven by enhanced data literacy due to digital technologies (Qlik, Apache Superset) powered by Quintagroup

What is business intelligence?

Huge affluence of data in modern business workflow has given rise to a number of issues related to their storage and processing. Accumulation of data is not as crucial in its own right as it is for the sake of analysis of large sets of information. The opportunity to interpret data at hand provides businesses nowadays with a valuable advantage of being smarter, quicker and more effective. The process of analysing the immense quantity of data in order to produce tangible and visible conclusions due to employment of technology tools is known as business intelligence or business analytics.

How beneficial BI is?

The primary aim of business analytics is to assist executives and managers in making sensible data-driven decisions based on actual facts and figures, not intuition, as a result of delivering of the most complete and ample information.

Transformation of massive data scopes into meaningful and useful reports may also help to determine bottlenecks in a company workflow and considerably improve troubleshooting. Information becoming available in the form of readable graphs, diagrams and charts appears to be more clear-cut and opens up more chance for deep and substantial insights. Possibility of further drill-down may reveal the most unexpected answers to the most complicated questions that business executives might have been wondering about for years and years.

What are BI tools?

There is a wide range of business intelligence applications and data management analytics platforms aimed at making the data ready for anyone to explore. This includes primarily query-based BI tools as well as instruments exploiting cognitive engine to generate even more fruitful conclusions. Let’s explore a couple of products that may speed up data processing for businesses.

Qlik for BI in procurement

The field of e-procurement gains a particular benefit from utilizing digital technologies, especially BI tools. The potential advantages may include such aspects as deep market analysis, receiving useful information about the procuring entities, suppliers and competitors, finding out additional tender information like current demand rate for a particular procured item on a market. Having such details at hand facilitates decision making regarding the prices claimed and paid and helps to land at the best option. The analytics module brought by Qlik platform and used for BI in ProZorro system in Ukraine is a fine instance of application of such a technology in the sphere of public procurement and can be explored here.

Apache Superset BI web app

A decent example of an enterprise-targeted BI application is Apache Superset designed for providing comprehensible data visualization and easy-to-use intuitive interface allowing fast and flexible access to data and discovery of great visual insights. It is an open source software written in Python programming language and using Python ORM thus allowing users to access most SQL databases like MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, MS SQL Server and more.

Customizable open source solutions

If your business is in need of an exclusive custom-made software to fit its particular requirements, there is always much room for development and further improvement with Quintagroup. We employ Neo4j, ElasticSearch, VueJS, Flask, Django to deliver the best experience to our customers. For more details, feel free to contact us via this form.

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