Automated web testing of Python and JavaScript code with py.test

Testing is as essential for code quality as professional code writing and organizing. Tests must be automated and run on regular basis for code to function properly.
Python’s standard library comes with the unit test module, but like all built-in features, it is not perfect. py.test is one of the best alternative tools that will help to boost Python testing capabilities. py.test is an open source testing and evaluation framework written in Python and for Python that provides no-boilerplate testing.
One of the main benefits of py.test is its approach to Python testing. This framework recognizes plain Python functions as tests and doesn't need to package tests into bigger and heavier-weight test classes.

Test Python and Javascript directly inside browser

py.test can act like the test driver, while py.test plugin jskit allows JavaScript code testing inside browser. Despite the speed cost, with py.test the code will be tested against the real-world DOM implementations, as well as against server-side Python code.
py.test features:

  • runs on Posix/Windows, Python 2.4-3.3, PyPy and Jython-2.5.1;
  • has powerful plugin and customization support;
  • produces testing coverage reports;
  • has modular and parameterizable fixtures;
  • allows traceback and failing assertion reporting;
  • re-runs failing tests permanently or during predetermined time periods;
  • enables print debugging and capturing of standard output during testing;
  • integrates many nose, and style test suites, (including testcases ran for Django).

py.test is a full-featured Python testing tool that can be used for both simple unit and complex functional testing. Contact Quintagroup to implement automated web testing solution for your website and web application.

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