SAAS Development Outsourcing – How to Start

While off-the-shelf solutions are expected, more companies choose SaaS development outsourcing to benefit from specialized designs catering to their business requirements.

When businesses use outsourcing methods for SaaS development, the provider will carry out every step of the process as a dedicated team or collaborate with the client and its employees to finish the task. The second is staff augmentation, where the outsourcing team is hired to complete the staff gaps. Yet, in-house developers would still work alongside them.

Outsourcing means: you won’t have to worry about finding coders or architects, and the work will be finished successfully and more quickly.

Here are several solid reasons to outsource SaaS:

  1. SaaS products have multiple components. Even an MVP development with a few functions needs a capable team and plenty of time;
  2. SaaS products must constantly change to keep clients. Therefore, suppliers must grow, add features, and integrate capabilities to respond to client requests quickly;
  3. Cloud-based SaaS systems have a complicated architecture that needs ongoing maintenance and utilize a variety of cloud services and data-management tools;
  4. SaaS systems frequently interface with services from third parties, so it’s crucial to implement all necessary security procedures.

Best platforms for SaaS development

saas development outsourcing platforms

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

The cloud computing platform Amazon Web Services (AWS) was unveiled in 2002. It provides vast cloud computing, including SaaS (Software as a Service).

AWS offers the most significant community with millions of active customers and thousands of partners worldwide. As a result, most businesses evolve their companies more effectively by shifting IT management to AWS. Some key attributes of AWS are versatility, security, scalability, and enhanced efficiency.

Azure by Microsoft

A well-liked cloud computing platform Microsoft Corporation created is called “Azure.” The development of the Microsoft Azure tool is primarily focused on building, managing, testing, and deploying applications or services using the Microsoft management global data center.


The Google Cloud platform is a web service that utilizes the same internal infrastructure platforms that Google uses to carry out various tasks, including accessing Google business suites, Gmail accounts, YouTube, and Google Drive.

Top-5 Benefits of Outsourcing SaaS Development:

saas development outsourcing benefits

  • Money is spared.

Outsourcing providers typically outpace human resources, personnel, and maintenance costs. As a result, you reduce both development and operating costs.

A SaaS system needs substantial financial resources, a wide range of technical expertise, brainpower, and time to design, support, and scale. As a result, many businesses outsource their SaaS development to increase scalability and adaptability and decrease time-to-market.

  •  Expand the team and decrease the time to release.

The outsourcing provider must be able to hire specialists on demand and at the appropriate time to guarantee prompt project implementation.

However, finding quality these days is getting harder and harder. Due to the growing need for developers, there is a significant need for IT talent worldwide.

Outsourcing SaaS development is a practical solution to this problem. With this strategy, you can access a far larger talent pool. Additionally, it allows you the freedom to quickly scale up your technical teams and quicken the project development.

  • Starting the project immediately.

The ability to swiftly assemble a team and begin a project is one of the most significant benefits of outsourcing SaaS development.

Suppose you decide to work with a local team. In that case, you will only need to engage dozens of specialists (such as web designers, architects, programmers, Quality assurance specialists, and DevOps) to start a project. A multifunctional team, when created, must grow over time as the product changes.

SaaS suppliers assist in resolving this issue. Major outsourcing companies may have streamlined procedures to assemble an engineering team quickly.

  • Complementing business and technology knowledge.

Cloud, data storage and control, web development, third-party connections, and others are areas where SaaS solutions demand knowledge.

Companies frequently collaborate with IT vendors to add fresh perspectives to their initiatives—high-load applications, cloud platforms, etc. In addition, vendors assist clients in selecting the tech stack, third-party offerings, or integrating cloud computing.

  • Refresh your business model.

For a SaaS product to continue growing and scaling, it is crucial to concentrate on business objectives and long-term goals. Software companies with years of experience working on SaaS projects assist the product strategy and aid clients in achieving their dreams.

Five Tips to Choose the Best SaaS Development Outsourcing Company

how to outsource saas development

  • Define a Business Plan Well.

It’s an important consideration when choosing your SaaS development partner.

You need a distinctive business plan if you want your project to flourish.

Your plans, strategy, and company policies should all be apparent to everyone. After these aspects are thought through, you can locate the best SaaS programming company to work on your project.

  • Understand the Company’s Competencies

Each SaaS provider has specialized knowledge. They might be better suited than the rest to meet particular needs. Consequently, you must carefully examine their professional expertise. You are welcome to inquire about their qualifications and any certification information.

  • Set Achievable Objectives 

Unreasonable standards are the most typical causes of software development project failure. Milestones must be established to measure performance and obtain measurable data regarding the development process. Even if you locate a company willing to meet these extreme deadlines, you will discover that it merely increases tension as the project progresses. Make a complete analysis with the team before outsourcing the project, and define goals to keep your team engaged.

  • Provide Accurate Documentation

When you register with a SaaS business or provider, appropriate documentation is a requirement. These documents provide crucial information like timeframes, costs, and essential development phases. Throughout the process, absolute transparency is required. Correct documentation allows you to maintain track of the project.

  • Examine QA Policies

Every reputable SaaS company has a department dedicated to quality control. The development process wouldn’t be complete without testing. It guarantees that the final project will be implemented successfully. The SaaS company to which you outsource your project must be able to support these procedures and do QA testing within the constraints of your project’s budget. Your project should be tested frequently and at each step of the lifecycle to ensure the application is practical and bug-free.

Quintagroup as a SaaS Outsourcing Company

  • You can select the engagement model that best suits your company’s needs from the company’s selection of a dedicated development team, time & materials, and fixed price options.
  • Quintagroup can assist you in SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS business models thanks to its extensive cloud knowledge;
  • With Python, React, and Vue.js, our hired specialists have extensive experience in microservices, DevOps, and Agile software development.

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