Amazon Cognito

Advance the security and the process of authentication of your apps with Amazon Cognito and Quintagroup

What is Amazon Cognito?

Amazon Cognito is a product of Amazon Web Services for cloud computing. It is responsible for the user authentication side, such as the user sign-up & sign-in on your web and mobile applications

Amazon Cognito also lets you authenticate accounts via an external provider of identification. Amazon partners with other identity providers endorsing SAML or OpenID Connect, sources of shared identities (such as Whatsapp, Twitter, and eBay), and custom-tailored identity providers. 

The app will store data on consumer machines locally enabling the applications to operate even though the users are offline, and then automatically synchronize the data when the computer is back online.

Why should you choose AWS Cognito?

“Now it's easier and faster to create better, more secure apps”, says Amazon

And it’s indeed so. Developers may benefit from the following advantages of Amazon Cognito:

Amazon Cognito advantages

Open ID Connect support

OpenID Connect is an open interoperable authentication protocol. For every OIDC-compatible service, you can now use Cognito to build unique identities and obtain temporary AWS credentials. This functionality greatly extends the scope of Identity Providers that Amazon Cognito can use to safely access the AWS resources.

Push Synchronization

Push synchronization lets you use AWS Cognito to deliver a silent alert message to all identity-related apps to inform them of new data being available. This helps the application to synchronize adjustments made in cloud storage without needing to manually search stores every time.

Identity Pool

Identity pools, or federated identities, allow you to build unique identities and federate them with identity providers for your customers. You may get limited AWS passwords with an identification pool for accessing certain AWS resources. A developer may receive temporary or restricted benefits of a federated name, using AWS credentials to synchronize the data of Amazon Cognito Sync.

User Pool

A User Pool is the device registry you can create with your site and smartphone apps. A User Pool safely manages the characteristics of the users' profiles. You can use the AWS console, or AWS SDK to build and maintain a User Pool.

What does this mean to your business?

All of the Cognito benefits may create a certain impact on your business and its customers. And the impact is for sure the positive one. With AWS Cognito you take your business to a new level. How? Here is the answer.

Multi-device Authentication 

If your application is multi-device, your existence as a developer will be rendered simpler by using Cognito. It is built to manage multi-device authentication effortlessly, enabling the customers to use their websites, tablet, and desktop apps using the same Cognito authentication. Multi-device authentication is a major success in terms of user interface as well as ease of deployment.

Guest Login

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, Amazon Cognito allows you to configure security policies based on different use-cases. It provides a great approach for apps that have a demo alternative so customers can play around with the product/service before paying for it. With Amazon Cognito, it is possible using guest authentication, which provides limited access.

Social Media Logins

Cognito allows incorporation with third-party verification schemes such as Google and Twitter while providing the customers more choices when signing up with the app. Although you won't be able to access a lot of details from third-party login providers for the accounts, certain people favor facebook logins relative to email-based signups.

Enhanced security technology for users security 

Using Amazon Cognito enhanced security tools helps to secure links to customer accounts of your apps. These sophisticated security mechanisms include flexible verification dependent on vulnerability and safety against stolen passwords being used. You can allow some advanced protection features for your Amazon Cognito with just a few clicks.

Other AWS services

We build robust applications on Python and JS using Amazon Cognito. But this AWS service is not the only product Quintagroup is using while developing superior solutions for you. Check out our tech stack of AWS services and choose what you need to grow your cloud business. Then contact us and we will dive directly into your challenge.

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