WeasyPrint - HTML/CSS to PDF tool

WeasyPrint is visual rendering engine written in Python that converts HTML/CSS documents to PDF.

WeasyPrint converts HTML/CSS to PDFWeasyPrint is a visual rendering engine that converts web documents HTML, CSS, and SVG to PDF and supports web standards for printing. WeasyPrint developers focus on the hackability to provide easy-to-work-with layout logic. Since WeasyPrint is based on various libraries, but not on an existing rendering engine such as WebKit or Gecko, and is written in Python, if customer finds some missing feature, he has opportunity to add it to the software.
WeasyPrint is cross-platform Python tool that is quite easy to install. For Windows it may take a little bit more time, since WeasyPrint has several dependencies: PyGTK (software to easily create programs with a graphical UI using Python) and lxml (Python library for processing XML and HTML).
WeasyPrint is free and open source software distributed under a BSD license. WeasyPrint offers a solid rendering engine that is compatible with Python 2.6+ and 3.x. HTML documents are rendered using the following stylesheets:

  • HTML5 user agent stylesheet (defines the default appearance of HTML elements);
  • Author stylesheets embedded in the document in <style> elements or linked by <link rel=stylesheet> elements;
  • User stylesheets provided in the API.

WeasyPrint is a Python tool that parses HTML and CSS, draws text or exports PDF. It features support for CSS3-page things (for page styling), including pagination control and setting of page size, borders, etc. from a CSS stylesheet.

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