Vumi - mobile messaging engine

Vumi is an open source mobile messaging platform written in Python that delivers SMS, Star Menu and instant chat messages.

Vumi mobile messaging engineVumi is an open source mobile messaging platform written in Python and released under the liberal BSD license. This project can be used for the delivery of SMS, Star Menu and instant chat messages. Vumi is highly-scalable and can serve both non-governmental and commercial organizations. Mobile conversations can take place across diverse locations, connecting audiences and apps to multiple national networks at the same time.

Apart from such powerful programming language as Python, Vumi uses several other prominent projects:

  • Riak - highly scalable, NoSQL, fault-tolerant distributed database.
  • Redis - open source data structure server.
  • Node.js - open source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing scalable network apps.
  • RabbitMQ - open source message broker software.
  • Twisted - open source, event-driven network programming framework.

Features of messaging platform Vumi

  • Flexible conversation design and management: you have instruments to design surveys, registration campaigns, and broadcasts (bulk SMS). Even live campaigns are editable and you can switch campaigns from one code to another.
  • Contact management: Vumi provides tools to create and manage contacts and contact groups, as well as import CSV files to autofill contact fields.
  • Multiple channels available: you can manage your campaigns concurrently across several channels, including SMS, USSD, and Internet channels like Gtalk, and Twitter.
  • Smart search: you can search through contacts and conversations and create groups based on the results.
  • Metrics: each campaign has metrics data (like number of USSD sessions and timeouts) that can be accessed and researched.
  • Short codes: you can configure campaign to send messages from one short code and route responses over another.
  • Multiple territories: you can run mobile campaigns across a variety of territories and simultaneously connect to multiple networks in various countries.
  • Scalability: Vumi is designed to serve growing needs, being stored in the cloud its campaigns can scale on demand.

Vumi is mobile messaging engine that will provide SMS, Star Menu and chat messages delivery to diverse audiences. To get more information visit Vumi website.

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