- powerful business management system open source and powerful business management solution with a big amount of useful features, written in Python, also using Django Web Framework python business management solutionTo conduct successful business management you need a reliable system that will take care of various parts of your business. Basecamp, Google Apps, Asana, Zoho, Highrise, Unfuddle, Salesforce are definitely powerful, but one-sided in some ways. aims at being all-inclusive cloud-based business management platform. is a free and open source powerful business management solution with a big amount of useful features. It is written in Python programming language and also uses Django web framework.
Intuitive UI uses the best web technologies, including AJAX, dynamic filtering and JSON. supports all popular browsers: Chrome (5.0.x +), Firefox (2.0 +), Safari (3.0 +), Opera (9.0 +), Internet Explorer (7.0 +), iOS Safari (4.0 +). In case your preferred browser is not listed here or doesn’t support some of the advanced features, will still be displayed and preserve high level user experience.
Of course is not limited to the computer and can be easily accessed via other modern devices. supports the following platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Bada, Palm WebOS, Symbian and MeeGo.

Project Management provides easy-to-use and advanced interface supported by powerful workflow that makes project management a very pleasant experience. Adding projects, setting deadlines, statuses, or priorities is managed by a single button click. Projects or tasks marked with date are automatically connected with the integrated online calendar, thus you can receive notifications and updates on the work.
Collaboration and teamwork play an important role in project planning and realization, so tasks can be assigned to any number of users or teams and project log will meticulously store all project activity. You can communicate via different methods: comment on the project, see news feed of your project, like or dislike any activity to share your opinion.
As for the mailing, email and messaging are integrated and tied to the’s Service Support. You can write, read and reply to messages from your own email client (e.g. Windows Live, Gmail, Yahoo, AolMail, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP services, etc.) or from inside the service depending on what is more suitable for you personally.

Finance and Sales has three modules that coordinate your finance management: Financial module, Sales module, Infrastructure module. They will help you to track your transactions, accounts, liabilities, receivables, assets, and equities. is a powerful tool for gathering, managing and storing contact data and client base records of organization’s customers, potential clients, companies, sales, and stock. Searching and accessing such information is very easy, as well as converting leads to clients or sending custom invoices to them.

Documents & Reports can serve as a storage place for any types of documents needed in the course of your project. Upload, edit and share files with other users, search for them using’s search feature. has excellent report system that helps to analyze different aspects of your business. Accurate and specific reports will provide information in the best user-friendly format and can be exported as PDF, CSV or XLS documents.
To ensure the preservation of data, secure back-ups are made daily and strict data storage policies are adhered. Strictly divided projects and tasks allow to control the information available for different members.

Integration & Service Support is very flexible in terms of data sharing with other services, for instance, Google Contacts/Calendar and email accounts can be used for messaging and service support. Moreover, instance comes with an architecture independent JSON API as a standard, so developers can change the methods of JSON data access and manipulation. As for authentication solution, features a sophicticated user authentication system. If you want integrate into your own infrastructure, LDAP is supported and widely used.'s built-in online calendar is integrated and synchronized with other services that allows you to quickly overview and control the progress of your business. Keeping track of projects’ and milestones’ deadlines, important due-dates and payment terms is easy and all in one place.
Management of service support and multiple requests is reliable and simple with, since it features automated solution for support issues and bug tracking. Tickets can be managed by order, priorities, and custom queues. Fixing of an issue may be easier with the knowledge of previous issues that you can receive by searching the database. If you want to ask for additional information or update ticket callers, email is quick and always available choice. also allows to add custom services and specify Service Level Agreements for them. is developed to assist in effective project management and on time service delivery. It is one more example of how flexible and powerful Python is. For more information visit website.

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