Tendenci: with Non Profit Organizations in mind

Tendenci is open source CMS written in Python on a Django web framework and developed specifically for Non Profit Organizations (NPOs).

Tendenci CMSTendenci is open source content management software developed specifically for Non Profit Organizations (NPOs). It is written in Python on a Django web framework and is a robust CMS that contains the most useful features out-of-the-box, including membership management, donations form, online events calendar and event registration, job boards, online business directories, rich media photo and video galleries, etc.

Membership Management

Tendenci allows to create and structure online membership management platform that will reflect your organization’s approach and will be flexible and easy in usage. You can customize membership types, membership applications, reminders and renewal notices. You also control what content your members can access, add, or edit. Configure granular member permission levels to enable members to update articles, add events or share images. Give members more freedom and save your own time. You can especially emphasize members-only benefits to increase profits.

Member profiles are auto-generated, but can be accessed and edited by members themselves. Tendenci gives opportunity to browse and filter your Membership Database and members can also be permitted to search for the other members. You can add an unlimited number of membership types and create unlimited number of member groups for easier permission control, or target mailing and communication. Tendenci does everything to encourage and increase your members.

Content Management

Since Tendenci is a CMS, a lot of attention has been paid to organizing user-friendly content management environment. User-interface is graphic and intuitive, while WYSIWYG editor does not require knowledge of HTML and makes content editing as easy as possible. Apart from editing text content manager can create custom titles, tags and URLs, upload images/files/graphics, use SEO META tools, etc. Tendenci also has Navigation Editor that allows to easily edit and rearrange the site navigation and sub-menus via drag-and-drop interface. For those who want more control and do understand HTML and CSS Tendenci gives full access to the HTML code, templates and stylesheets. Create new pages or change styles - everything to make members involved and visitors interested.

Search engine optimization

Tendenci doesn’t neglect SEO and offers full range of automatic optimization features for all types of content including automatic: generation of a Title Tag based on your site name and content, creation of search engine friendly URL from the content title, adding page summary as Meta Description, generation of Meta Keywords tag based on page content, creation of XML Sitemap in order to present website content in the search engine-friendly language. Using such functionality and maintaining clean code architecture will make the website easier for search engines to search, read and understand.

Analytics and reporting

Tendenci provides reporting system so you can view summary reports on users, content, events, products and organization activities. Tendenci has SEO reporting functionality out-of-the-box and can provide necessary information anytime. If you are interested in more profound or targeted data, Tendenci allows to integrate popular website tracking and analytics tools. Several simple steps and code from the chosen tool will provide you with tracking and analytics information on traffic, top landing pages, top keywords, etc.

Job Board and online payments

The Job Board module was introduced aiming at usability of Tendenci for NPOs. It provides an easy-to-use interface for posting and searching job offers. The Job Board provides contact information, online payment to post jobs, tags, and permissions. Tendenci provides easy integration with an online shopping cart for members to buy items associated with your organization. There is Invoices module to keep all online payments in order that features individual invoice details, descriptions, line amounts, balance, financial report builder and exports, etc.

Due to Python programming language basis Tendenci CMS is very flexible and functional, while Django makes it powerful and user-friendly. Get more information on tendenci.com.

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