Tangelo a robust visual web application framework for Python

Tangelo is a robust web server framework that develops rich and interactive web applications with Python

Tangelo Python frameworkTangelo is a simple, yet powerful and quick web server framework for development of modern and dynamic web applications with Python. Tangelo uses a built-in data service, or simple Python functions to access data for an app, regardless of its size.

Web app is composed of a set of web pages, that are just HTML files with associated JavaScript or CSS files, and a set of web services. The latter are Python functions exposed by the server as web addresses. Tangelo can use robust computational engines like Hadoop to compute complex results.

Tangelo is built on top of CherryPy. It is a Python-based web server that is used to serve:

  • web content from static files in the same way as a traditional web server does, Tangelo gets static files from a particular directory (/web);
  • as the result of executing Python code from another directory (/service).

To simplify the development process Tangelo has an API that consists of:

  • Python functions,
  • JavaScript functions,
  • a set of rules for creating flexible and powerful web services.

Tangelo assists in building a groundwork for the web application and gives opportunity for the developer to involve those tools that will serve the aim of the project (e.g. HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, D3, Bootstrap, WebGL, Canvas, Vega, etc.). The only tools on which Tangelo depends are Python 2.7 and Pip.

Web Services with Tangelo and Python

This framework is a powerful web service tool, especially because it is able to run user-created web services as part of a larger web application. Each Python file is associated to a URL and when user visits URL, server accesses appropriate Python module, runs function written in it, and displays result as the URL content. Python is rich and flexible programming language, supported by wide community and enriched with multi purpose libraries. It is invaluable source of development for Tangelo web services.

Tangelo visualizations are implemented as jQuery widgets and extend the base jQuery UI widget class. This framework also includes client library, tangelo.js, that wraps charts, maps, and other advanced HTML5 visualizations for interactive apps with minimal code. Tangelo aims at clear, readable, and consistent code and ensures it by using such static analysis tool as JSLint to enforce strict coding practices.

Tangelo is a general-purpose web development framework that aims at building rich web applications with either simple static pages or state-of-the-art dynamic displays. Contact Quintagroup if you are interested in professional Python solution for your project.

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