Taiga.io Python-based agile project management platform

Taiga is a free and open source project management platform aimed at agile developers and designers. It is written in Python and built on top of Django and AngularJS. Taigo.io features Kanban and Scrum template, backlog, sprints, custom reports and virtual project video conferencing room.

Taiga.io project management platformTaiga is a free and open source project management platform aimed at agile developers and designers. It is simple and intuitive tool that users can use without need for instruction or training. Taiga.io supports agile methodology that makes teams more responsive and software products - better and faster. This tool is written in Python and built on top of Django and AngularJS. It fits seamlessly within user’s workflow and can be easily customized to the needs of any team and business setting.

Taiga.io was designed to be as accessible as possible and has Open Source license, so anyone can use the tool freely. It is available either via the web at http://www.taiga.io or as a free downloadable app at https://github.com/taigaio. You can set it up on your own server in Developer Mode (manually controlled, fast and configurable in local environment) or in Production mode (solid and robust installation for internal use on development server). Self-hosted installation can be simplified using taiga-scripts for an automated version of the developer installation mode or via Taiga-vagrant that will lower setup time and increase development/production parity.

Taiga can handle both simple and complex projects that will assist startups, software developers and other target teams in tracking their progress. Clean and elegant design that is “beautiful to look at all day long” will definitely make an impression. You can use either Kanban or Scrum template, or even enable them both, depending on your workflow.

This project management platform provides Backlog as a running list of all features and User Stories added to the project. For each User Story you’ll need to define tasks and complete them. Also Taiga features sprints. They gather and track the User Stories and tasks for your team to work on within a given time frame.

Taiga offers a detailed issue-management framework with fields for type, priority, severity, tags, and others. Such system will improve responsibility and traceability on your project. For accountability Taiga.io offers beautiful reports with spreadsheet and the CSV functionality. Taiga also offers a virtual project video conferencing room based on Talky and AppearIn.

Taiga.io does not provide Time Tracking out of the box. Its philosophy prefers “focusing on tasks, sprints and team self-organization” so there is no need to feel pressured or measured by time. In case you do need time tracking features, Taiga offers several workarounds: add hours in the task or user story title; create custom fields in issues, tasks and user stories; or use a time tracking application integrated with Taiga.io and Chrome - Toggl.

Taiga is integrated with Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket that are very popular open source hosting services, repository managers and issue trackers. There are also integrations with HipChat (software for group and private chat, and file sharing), Gogs (a self-hosted Git service written in Go), Hall and Slack (both are platforms for team communication), Iocaine, and Redmine.

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