Satchmo - shopping cart framework as a part of Python e-commerce solution

Satchmo is rich and functional shopping cart framework for Django and Python

Satchmo shopping cartDjango is distinguished by the right balance between a solid internal functionality that is simple in use and easily tailored to one’s needs. By adding a little bit of Python code it can be converted into a powerful online shop system.
Satchmo is an open source framework written in Python and based on Django that creates unique and robust e-commerce applications. Satchmo can help to build online store or add shopping cart system to the existing site. It is easy to start a simple store and then to modify it according to the business needs and changes.


Satchmo supports a wide range of payment gateways, like Paypal, Google checkout,, Cybersource, Sermepa, Trustcommerce, Protx, etc.This framework also has gift certificate support.


Satchmo has several built-in shipping options (Fedex, UPS, USPS, Canada Post integration) and allows seller to add new shipping methods that will be more suitable for customers (e.g. flat rate shipping, multi-tiered shipping based on quantity or price, per item shipping cost).

Product type

Satchmo supports widespread product types: product variants, subscriptions, customized or downloadable products. All products can have flexible variant creation and unlimited amount of images, categories and subcategories, multiple pricing and discounting tiers based on volume.


Customers have opportunity to view order history, add several ship to and bill to addresses, update their accounts, profiles, and passwords online any time. Also users of the Satchmo-based online stores can use full store product searching and related products section.


Satchmo is multilingual and supports translation of products and categories, adds country specific information and location-dependant data/currency formatting.


As online store, Satchmo takes care of security and does not store ccv data in the database. This framework allows choosing if credit card data is stored and encrypts all credit card information.

In addition to these features, Satchmo provides support for Tax/VAT, Google adwords, Google analytics, Google base feeds, newsletters via mailman or custom database, and metadata support for SEO. Moreover, Satchmo enables creation of wishlists, PDF invoices, packing slips, and shipping labels. For more features visit
Satchmo is scalable and customizable application for the Django framework that has rich range of online store features, including handling products, orders, shipping and customer registration. It is extremely flexible and supports multi-tenancy when one shopping cart can be used for several websites. Powerful Django templating language is default and easily extended to allow unique item display.
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