Discover one of the best e-commerce software platforms built with a Django framework and available on an open-source basis.

What is Saleor?Saleor. Empower your e-commerce

Saleor is a headless, GraphQL-first e-commerce platform that delivers ultra-fast, dynamic, and custom shopping experiences. The new big upgrade, built on Python and Django, implements a lightweight front end driven by a GraphQL API and compiled with React and TypeScript. It provides you with an opportunity to combine it with your preferred CRM, CMS, delivery, and fulfillment service with e-commerce API.

  • Saleor creates great-looking customer interfaces that have all the features that provide user-friendly and modern shopping experiences.
  • You can use an administration control panel that helps in managing products, people, and functionalities with ease.
  • Saleor possesses solutions for stores at the small, mid-sized, and enterprise levels and covers both physical and digital inventories.
  • Saleor offers you one significant advantage in being available both as a typical online store and as a PWA application.


Saleor is based on a state-of-the-art platform of technologies with a range of apps that fuel the development of your company. Imagine your heights and reach it with the help of Saleor.

  • Storefront design

The front-end independence helps you to bring the front end that fits your industry. Saleor seamlessly links to the API without caring about the specifics and allows for complete e-commerce software customization. Saleor is designed for the era of PWA applications. That means that Django-based Saleor is ready for multi-device experiences. Moreover, thanks to Saleor's headless approach, you can decouple the front and back end to start building your storefront as soon as you want.

  • Powerful product configuration

A wide range of product types with multiple variants is handled in a digital inventory to help you import and export product data to Google and Excel to aid business decisions. You can also group similar products into bundles and collections for display and sale to increase order values.

  • Internalization and localization

Construct your e-commerce open-source software through local language variants of the interactive content directly from the dashboard, since the dashboard software of Saleor is now accessible in more than 30 languages. Sell through continents and get the goods delivered across the globe. Count taxes with integrations of Avalara and Vatlayer that cover tax calculations in major markets.

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  • Data-driven e-commerce

View real-time sales of single or multiple products. To measure results, use the data from the sales history. Build several A/B-Test copies of your shop. Take advantage of effective machine learning systems to build upselling incentives for higher average order prices and improved shopping experiences.

  • Order management

Saleor lets consumers select from various carriers and modes of shipping. Clients will create their own profiles and that will give you a clear picture of your customer base. You may also build draft or real directives to fix problems related to product and customer support. 

With refunds and returns system, you will be able to handle and document them directly on the order fulfillment page. The Saleor’s sophisticated shipping assigns worldwide shipping zones and courier rates by price or weight. You can add tracking to every item you send.

  • Back office

Saleor is a GDPR-ready platform that is secure not only fro the customers but also to the store staff. Secure access to the platform by inserting control keys across Google and Facebook, and handle access rights through appointing representatives of staff to roles-based authorization classes.

There are a number of exciting features the Saleor's team is working on right now to enhance Saleor, including a plug-in design that will enable the Saleor flow to be implemented with custom logic and multi-vendor marketplace platform support. Check out what Python frameworks should be the best decision for your marketplace project, comparing the tools like Shuup, Oscar, and Saleor.

Custom development of Saleor

If you are looking for a proficient team of developers to develop custom design or feature concepts on Saleor, you came to the right place. Quintagroup has proven experience in developing the best e-commerce platforms on a Django framework available on an open-source basis. We have already created our solutions with Saleor, Oscar and Shuup e-commerce marketplaces and are ready for new challenges with your ideas.

Drop us a line for further discussion of your project.

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