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Speedy and flexible,PyPy implementation provides you with a wide range of productive innovative ideas designed to meet your requirements

Want to make a step forward from using the options of the default most widely applicable Cpython implementation? Pypy is the exact solution you are searching for. Speedy and flexible, it provides you with a wide range of productive innovative ideas designed to meet your requirements. The benefits of PyPy become obvious on the basis of the analysis of its core features and possibilities suggested below.

What’s good about PyPy?

So, the features that PyPy boasts speak for themselves, ensuring productivity, high quality, better speed and flexibility to realize your project:

  • speed characteristics improved by means of the JIT compiler (Just-in-Time Compiler), and the benchmarks supporting it. Importantly, JIT works almost entirely separate from the interpreter, which means that you are able to introduce changes without updating the JIT. Not only does it save your own time, but also enhances time and speed-performance of language implementation;
  • saving memory space with large Python-based programs;
  • flexibility and multiple-codes compatibility due to RPython language of PyPy interpreter with the instant ability to generate C code, similar to CPython, as well as JVM and .NET versions of the interpreter. The ability to interpret itself is one of the most efficacious features of PyPy, which allows to use only one shared codebase annihilating the necessity to write separate Jython or IronPython implementations of the language.
  • the ability to run various most popular Python libraries like Django, Twisted (without ssl support), Pylons, Pyglet, etc.
  • its sandboxing feature enables running untrusted user programs in the most secure way possible. It does not limit the language features with the label ‘unsafe’, but transports all the calls to external libraries using the stub with communicates directly with the external process and manages the policy;
  • the stackless mode which allows writing a code with massive concurrency. Both stackless and greenlets are available with the possibility to generate your own binary without any additional implementations to maintain.

You may find out more about the project by visiting its official website:

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