Pygal - Python SVG Charts Creator

Pygal is a dynamic SVG charting creator

Pygal Python chart libraryPygal is a dynamic SVG charting library written in Python that features various graph types. In general, there are 10 kinds of graphs available: bar charts, line charts, XY charts, pie charts, radar charts, box plot, dot charts, pyramid charts, funnel charts, gauge charts, worldmap charts, country charts.
Pygal is free and open source software that is available under the LGPLv3 licence. Pygal is easily installed and works with Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.+. It has only one dependency - lxml (Python library for processing XML and HTML) for generating the SVG. There are several optional dependencies. For instance, PNG output requires CairoSVG, tinycss and cssselect. Unit testing demands py.test or nosetests. Flask provides visual testing.
There is possibility to develop custom Python/CSS styling or employ existing themes. Pygal has several chart styling options and can use:

  • built-in themes (at the moment Pygal provides 14 built-in themes);
  • parametric themes (at the moment there are 5 of them);
  • custom themes.

Pygal provides 2 ways to customize styles:

  • using Style class;
  • using a custom css.

Pygal provides a graph class and implementations of common algorithms and operations performed on graphs. Easily create vector graphics for your website. Get more information by visiting Pygal website.

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