OpenERP - enterprise resource planning in Python

OpenERP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that uses Python as a programming language, JavaScript for web client, and PostgreSQL as a database back-end.

upd: Now the product is known as Odoo, see its new features

OpenERP enterprise resourse planning in PythonOpenERP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that provides an accomplished, integrated ERP solution for small and medium sized businesses and organizations.

Since OpenERP is licensed under the AGPL license and all its dependencies are also open source, OpenERP is an open source alternative to Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, OFBiz, Openbravo, and other enterprise resource planning software.

Variety of business applications dissipates data and resources, thus it is essential to have all necessary features available in a single solution. OpenERP allows to quickly deploy new apps, launch new departments or integrate new activities. It includes powerful tools for:

  • financial and analytic accounting,
  • sales and purchase management,
  • e-commerce integration,
  • warehouse and inventory management,
  • point of sales (POS) functionality,
  • human resource management system,
  • marketing campaign,
  • customer and supplier relations management,
  • workflow systems,
  • association management,
  • retailing & distribution,
  • tasks automation,
  • document management,
  • help desk.

The number of OpenERP apps reached more than 2500, e.g.: Fleet, School, Document, Warehouse, Quality, Knowledge, Health and Safety, Purchase, Assets, and Budgets management systems. The more apps are installed and used, the more processes become integrated and automated.

OpenERP Architecture

OpenERP has a web server that concentrates on ERP business logic and stores data. The server and business logic portion of OpenERP is written in Python. Business features are organised into modules. A module is a software component with a pre-defined structure that contains Python code and XML files. A module defines data structure, forms, reports, procedures, workflows, etc. Since OpenERP is open source and Python is highly modular, it facilitates rapid development of new modules through Open Object RAD.

OpenERP application server uses PostgreSQL as database management system. For web browsers access a web client was developed (primarily written in JavaScript). And the client-server Interaction is implemented via XML-RPC protocol. OpenERP source code is hosted on the Launchpad project hosting web application.

Development community is highly active and provides free technical support, bug-fixing, new development, and support services. Extensive documentation is managed using Launchpad, published on a separate website and available in various electronic formats.

Python Development

Python as programming language is highly productive and can create flexible and robust software for any aim or project. Contact Quintagroup to receive ingenious and functional Python solution.

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