OpenEMM makes email marketing easy with Python and Django

OpenEMM is a web-based enterprise application for email marketing, newsletters and service mails that uses Python for backend.

OpenEMM mailing appOpenEMM is a feature-rich web-based enterprise application that deals with sending, managing and tracking emails, email marketing, newsletters and service mails (transaction mails and event or time triggered mails). OpenEMM is an open source variant of commercial E-Marketing Manager (EMM).

OpenEMM is the first open source application for email marketing. OpenEMM uses the Open Source license "Common Public Attribution License (CPAL)" and has been certified by the Open Source Initiative (OSI). OpenEMM is absolutely free of charge, there are no hidden costs or rights limitations in OpenEMM.

OpenEMM is mainly written in Java (frontend) and Python (backend). Also it uses leading Java frameworks like Hibernate, Spring and Struts. OpenEMM’s code base has been developed since 1999 and as part of the commercial EMM is applied by companies like IBM, Daimler, Siemens and Deutsche Telekom. The main difference between open source and commercial products is that EMM is distributed on several servers or as software as a service (SaaS), while OpenEMM is an easy to set up single server solution.

OpenEMM runs on top of reliable open source software:

  • Linux as an operating system,
  • Tomcat as a Web container,
  • MySQL as a relational database management system.

Basically OpenEMM is an easy to set up single server solution that provides basic CRM, CMS and BI functionality. For more complex solutions it can be further integrated with online shops and other CRM, CMS, BI and ERP applications. OpenEMM is available for Windows, Linux and platform-independent VM Player.

OpenEMM provides modern web-based graphical user interface that supports all popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari). OpenEMM has multilingual UI that includes English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese translations. Users can mail in any language, because OpenEMM supports the UTF-8 international character set. OpenEMM’s interface is pluggable, so application easily customizes the core functionality via plugins.

OpenEMM has a content management extension in order to manage HTML mail templates, module types and HTML content modules. Moreover, this application provides wizards for important tasks, e.g. data import, mailing creation, data export, etc.

OpenEMM is stand alone application equally suitable for both sending and tracking mass mailings and sending out single event- or date-based e-mails and service mails. OpenEMM doesn’t have limitations in the number of subscribers, mailing lists and emails to send. It features real time and graphical statistics, click tracking and bounce management. Moreover, OpenEMM provides robust targeting features, including target groups based on custom profile fields.

OpenEMM offers mail list server and multi-queue mail backend that ensures maximum sending performance, and a scripting feature that improves the functionality of OpenEMM with triggerable customized actions.

OpenEMM is the world's most popular open source software for managing emails, newsletters, email marketing companies and transaction mails. OpenEMM is very useful tool for companies and other organizations that use emails to sell products, to manage customer relations, to distribute content from various sources, to send invoices, reminders and credit notes, etc. OpenEMM successfully combines e-commerce, CRM, CMS, BI and ERP. To know more about this mailing management software visit

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