Kotti: Python-based CMS solution

Kotti is a web application framework that includes full-featured CMS that uses a set of reliable tools like Python, Pyramid, SQLAlchemy, Colander, and Deform.

Kotti is a Python web application framework that includes full-featured, user-friendly, light-weight and extensible Content Management System solution named the Kotti CMS. It is used to develop rich CMS-like applications that have most important features like workflows, security protection, work with hierarchical data, etc. All additional features are provided by add-ons.

Kotti was developed using a set of reliable tools like the Python programming language, Pyramid and SQLAlchemy. The latter allows to use the full power of SQL and access functionality of such popular database management systems as PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, etc. Also Kotti supports Python 2.6 and 2.7, WSGI and a variety of web servers, including Apache. Among Kotti components are Colander and Deform. Deform is a Python HTML form generation library that uses Colander as a schema library and Chameleon to perform HTML templating.

According to its creators the Kotti CMS was heavily inspired by Plone. Its main features are:

  • Intuitive edit interface and WYSIWYG editor

This CMS is user-friendly, editors can add and edit content using contextual and intuitive interface. CMS includes flexible rich text editor that allows easy formatting options.

  • Responsive design

Being built on Twitter Bootstrap, Kotti ensures flexible layout that correctly and prettily displays on various devices.

  • Templating

The look & feel of the Kotti CMS website can be easily customized using little programming knowledge and popular website templating systems, like Chameleon or Mako.

  • Security

User roles and permissions management is advanced enough to satisfy the demands of the organizations’ of any level and size.

  • Extensible functionality

Features that were not included in the Kotti core can be installed in the form of add-ons. Almost all Kotti CMS features can be configured using an INI configuration file.

  • Internationalization

Kotti CMS allows to fully translate user interface.

  • Developer-ready

Since Kotti is developed in Python, it is strong and flexible basis for building various types of web apps that can extend or even replace the built-in CMS.

  • Stability

Complete test coverage and continuous testing with PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite and against different versions of Python create stable and reliable environment to work in.

Kotti functionality

The most popular extensions are calendar (uses FullCalendar jQuery plugin to display calendar) and media (uses MediaElementJS for video and audio views) add-ons. With Kotti CMS you can create calendars with events. Events can be added to the Kotti itself or can be imported from the Google calendar XML feeds.

Media extension provides HTML5 playback and multiple formats for video (MP4, WebM, Ogg/Theora) and audio (mp3, wav). Older platforms that don’t support HTML5 can use Adobe Flash/MS Silverlight plugin fallback provided by MediaElementJS. Kotti ensures that every media resource can be played on any platform as long as media has one of the supported formats.

Kotti is well-defined web application framework with built-in CMS. Kotti provides an API where developers can modify views, content types, templates and layout, portlets, access control and the user database, workflows, etc. If you are interested in more information please visit kotti.pylonsproject.org/.

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