KARL - Managing Your Knowledge

KARL is the web-based open source system for collaboration, intranets organization and knowledge management.

KarlKARL project appeared on the international market in 2008 as an innovative development of the Open Society Foundations (OSF), and it was primarily aimed at facilitating information sharing, collaboration and self-organization of individuals within a large network of offices on a global scale.

KARL is the web-based open source system designed for collaboration, intranets organization and knowledge management (KMS). It enables the creation, safe storage and quick dissemination of information in large companies. KARL is now used by a number of international companies such as Oxfam GB, the Eurasia Foundation, etc.

KARL’s Top Features:

  • Powerful Search
  • Topic-based Communities
  • Secured External Collaboration
  • Rich Text Wiki
  • Collaborative Blog
  • Layered Group Calendar
  • Strong Email Integration
  • Efficient Security Track

KARL’s distinction lies in the possibility of creating ‘communities’ as a tool for effective collaboration within the company. KARL communities can be created by any employee for any number of people, and the number of communities within an organization is also limitless. Moreover, KARL communities moderators can invite individual users from outside of the company, including clients, partners, vendors and experts whose collaboration is essential for the success of the given project.

Each KARL Community operates the following set of tools:

  • Fully Integrated Blog : a shared blog used for posting updates, sharing new ideas and information with the possibility for other users to comment. Blogs are also integrated with email for easy content creation and alerts.
  • Layered Group Calendar: a shared community calendar for events time management.
  • Collaborative Wiki : an efficient text editor used by the members to easily and quickly add and edit pages. Wiki pages support images, embedded media objects, and links to other community content.
  • Secure File Sharing : for a large number of documents needed for the specific project within a company, KARL provides the possibility to securely share and store documents, pictures, and various media in a repository inside each community.

Reflecting its history as a Plone application, KARL 3.0 technology stack applies:

Linux, FreeBSD, and other flavors of Unix such as OS X; Python programming language, Pyramid and ZODB object database for the content storage and search.

You may find out more about the product by visiting its official website: karlproject.org

Quintagroup provides its clients with hosting, support, development and management of the KARL-based systems applicable to the needs of your organization. If you’re interested in our assistance in the application of KARL technologies, don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

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