Isso a commenting server

Combination of CSS, Python and Javascript resulted into quick and handy self-hosted сommenting server - Isso

Isso a commenting serverIsso is a lightweight and convenient commenting server for static blog, similar to Disqus. It was written in Python and supplemented with CSS and JavaScript to work quickly and be competitive with other open-source commenting servers with similar functionality (talkatv, Juvia,, Unobtrusive). Isso is self-hosted and uses an SQLite database to store comments.
Although Disqus is simple to administrate, uses JavaScript and cross-origin resource sharing for easy integration into static websites, it has several disadvantages, including recording of IP address, email and name, and impossibility of anonymous comments. That’s why it is better to use comment system that can be better controlled and protects privacy of the users.
Isso is designed to manage comments for a website and stores comments for a relative URL to support HTTP, HTTPS and even domain transfers without manual intervention. Among main Isso features are:

  • ability to CRUD comments: commenters can edit or remove their comments (within 15 minutes by default);
  • SQLite backend (+ possible Disqus import);
  • client-side JavaScript;
  • anonymous comments and easy-to-use moderation queue;
  • supports Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE10;
  • available in English, French, Russian and German.

If you search for handy commenting system, especially if it has to be written in Python, which makes it quicker and more reliable as a result, use Isso and your blog will have seamless commenting server. Contact Quintagroup to receive Python solution from experienced developers.

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