Django Fiber - simple CMS on Python

Fiber is a friendly open source CMS for all your django projects that provides easy frontend administration and doesn’t get in your way and is built on JavaScript and Python

Django Fiber is an open-source lightweight and user-friendly CMS with a slick front-end editing experience. It is useful for websites that need dynamic content, menus and front end editing. Fiber is a simplified alternative to Django CMS (written in Python) and was developed to coexist with your existing Django apps. Despite, or even, due to the absence of templates/plugins and workflow after the installation, Fiber is almost pure DIY. Every website has specific needs, so Fiber allows custom solutions. It is especially useful for static-page websites like blogs and portfolios.

Fiber’s main advantage is the front-end administration. While Fiber provides opportunity to add menus, create simple textual, template based pages, add content items in pages and views, this functionality can be managed by easy-to-use front-end admin panel. Fiber does everything to simplify work and complement your project, it doesn't take it over. Fiber enables:

  • reusing big quantities of content with ease;
  • editing content in-line;
  • drag/drop reordering of page items;
  • a logical and comprehensive template structure;
  • multilingual version of django-fiber (uses django-multilingual-ds9);
  • accessing the innovative admin panel from every page.

Development with Fiber is quite simple. For example, all that is needed to add a menu is to create a tree of URLs in files where each node of a tree is a page. Fiber will generate menu basing on the defined URLs. Page has a title, references a template, serves as a placeholder for content items, can optionally redirect to another URL, etc.

The part of the web interface applies django piston on the server side for the REST interface. Apart from it Fiber has several dependencies that are automatically installed with the CMS package and used in development: django-mptt, django-staticfiles, beautifulsoup, django-compressor. Fiber itself is built on JavaScript, Python and CSS.

If you are looking for a friendly and simple CMS for all your django projects that provides easy front-end administration and doesn’t get in your way, Fiber might be for you. Visit django-fiber repository on github.

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