What is ERPNext?

ERPNext is an open source web-based system aimed at small and medium sized businesses. It assists companies with accounting, human resource management, sales, purchase, inventory, CRM, administration, project and task management, manufacturing, and even website. ERPNext is built using Python, Frappe, and MySQL.

ERPNext ERP Python solutionERP systems, which stands for Enterprise-Resource Planning, are necessary for every modern company and take care of all aspect of a business. The main issue is that ERPs are complex and expensive due to cost of the system itself, hardware and consulting fees. In this case web-based ERP solution is less costly to implement and maintain.

ERPNext is the perfect example of the software that will help company to organize and manage the work of each department. ERPNext is an open source web-based system aimed at small and medium sized businesses. It assists companies with accounting, project and task management, sales, purchase, inventory, CRM, administration, human resource management, manufacturing, and even website. This system is the most suitable for businesses in manufacturing, retail, and distribution spheres. Extensive functionality is integrated into a single platform for easy management.

ERPNext is built using Python and MySQL as the database backend. The underlying web app framework is called Frappe and is a separate platform for development and deployment of rich web applications. ERPNext has a Model-View-Controller architecture that together with metadata modeling tools provides flexibility: users are able to adapt the system to unique purposes of their business without the need for custom programming. Users can use ERPNext as a Software as a service or host it on their own.

Main ERPNext features:

  • Cross-compatibility. Since ERPNext is an online tool, it can be used on a wide variety of platforms and devices.
  • Flexibility. Metadata modelling allows to customize applications without programming.
  • Comprehensive user interface. Enhanced UI was designed to be understandable, productive and easy to use.
  • Organisation: calendar, simple social network and messaging service, built-in to-do lists and projects, time log entries, embedded reporting system with office suite integration.
  • Accounting and Billing: multi-currency and multi-country support, powerful accounting with tax calculations, company’s chart of accounts and cost centres, a wide range of reports, built-in tools for bank and payment reconciliation, payment vouchers.
  • Sales and CRM: reports for all company’s sales, quotations, support requests, newsletters, management and communication with both existing and potential customers.
  • Inventory management and Manufacturing: inventory warehouses, inventory valuations, managing the stock either batchwise or by Serial Numbers of items. Production Planning Tool helps to plan production and materials beforehand.
  • HR: leave and attendance management, expense claims submission, payroll, appraisals, etc.
  • Website and Shopping Cart. Users can generate a fully functional and styled website with their product catalog and shopping cart.

ERPNext shows that ERP does not need to be complex and heavy to be effective. This system is simple, powerful, and full of features. It allows departments of small or medium sized companies to run smoothly and communicate with one another using resources of one unified solution. Moreover, Frappe helps to extend ERPNext and implement custom functionality via the API or creation of fully featured extensions for specific business needs. Visit erpnext website for more information.

Alternatives: Odoo (formerly OpenERP), Tryton.

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