ERP5: advanced with Python and Zope

ERP5 is an Enterprise Resource Planning software that provides customers with powerful, agile and scalable solution. It works with several business planning sections: accounting, product design, production, customer relationship management, trade, warehouse management, shipping, invoicing, human resource management, and project management.

ERP5ERP5 is an Enterprise Resource Planning software that provides customers with powerful, agile and scalable solution. It works with several business planning sections: accounting, product design, production, customer relationship management, trade, warehouse management, shipping, invoicing, human resource management, and project management.

ERP5’s building blocks

ERP5 is an open source ERP based on Python and Zope. These open source technologies guarantee transparency and flexibility. All ERP5 business processes are described by workflows and implemented using Zope (transactional Workflows). They are highly customizable and can be tailored to fit specific needs of each customer.

While other ERPs are based on business field specific models and culture dependent ontologies, ERP5 implements Unified Business Model - a single model used to describe all its components via 5 generic concepts: Node, Resource, Movement, Item and Path. This way all features developed for one module are applicable in the other modules, since the unified vocabulary is independent of specific business processes. Such approach reduces the risk of data inconsistencies over multiple modules, increases code reuse and sustainability.

ERP5 solutions

ERP5 Finance

ERP5 Finance is a complete accounting and finance solution with flexible architecture. It is workflow based and workflow driven. ERP5 Finance strictly separates various roles involved in the accounting business process. And workflows can be extended to fit organization of any size and business sector. This solution is designed to support multiple currencies and multiple general accounting plans (GAP). A single ERP5 Finance system can be used by multiple entities (companies) for their accounting to increase productivity in large organisations.

ERP5 Finance supports most widely used accounting approaches, including multi-key analytical accounting, project accounting, activity based accounting, multidimensional budget accounting, provisional accounting, and more.

ERP5 provides a simulation based planning. This means that all future consequences of every business decision are calculated in real time according to configurable business rules. For instance, this simulation engine can be used for planning future cash transactions by calculating current order and invoice portfolios ratio or manually inserting expected provisional transactions.


ERP5’s CRM solution includes enterprise grade Customer Relation Management and robust integration with existing communication (SMTP, IMAP, MIME, Emails, faxes, SMS) and mobility (tested successfully through GSM, EDGE, 3G and Wifi networks) systems. CRM features project and time management, configurable workflows, rule based security, calendaring, and task management.

System provides a complete overview of all corporate activities related to People and Organizations such as clients, suppliers, leads, prospects, media, etc. Events are used to keep track of incoming and outgoing emails, phone calls, faxes, visits, notes. Tickets track sales opportunities, support requests, marketing campaigns and meetings. Documents (major Office formats like .doc, .odt, .xls, .ods, .pdf, etc.) stored in a central repository are searchable and traceable. Worklists, categories and reports provide an online overview and direct access the data.


ERP5’s Production management solution covers sales, procurement, and complaint processes. It includes such features as orders and deliveries. Sale order defines what a customer wants to buy. Sale Trade Condition specifies service level agreements, payment, and other conditions under which the transaction will take place. When your company needs to buy something from a supplier, you fill in a Purchase order. Orders can represent products, services, and even intangible requests such as Tasks.

Deliveries help to specify what a company delivers to its customers, what the company receives from a supplier and what is planned for consumption during production. ERP5 provides functionality for each step of sales process starting from a customer request and registration to invoicing and delivery. The same goes for procurement process: from supplier registration and purchase order confirmation to delivery tracking and payment. Complaint process starts with an incoming customer complaint received by email, fax, phone, etc. It is saved in ERP5 as an Event document or a Complaint Ticket.


ERP5 features advanced and innovative Knowledge Management solution. Its well-designed architecture allows delivering the right information to the right people at the right time despite the size and requirements of organization.

Contributing process is intuitive and based on standard Office formats. Automatic classification and categorization, as well as advanced open source search engines provide robust information indexing and searching capabilities. ERP5 KM supports multilingual environments, unification of information, rule based and dynamic security. System offers complete traceability and reliable certification of information via versioning, workflows, staging, and historicization.

ERP5 KM is based on the state of the art technologies such as hybrid indexing that incorporates Full Text with NGrams and Asian Support, relations, categories and security; GRID computing that scales to support thousands of contributing users and communities; placeless publication for the easy management of multi-faceted publication; conversion server to convert and render business documents of different formats; integration of third-party knowledge sources, etc.

ERP5 eCommerce

ERP5 eCommerce is a consistent cloud based application that has everything a company may need: a high performance shopping cart, product catalog, recurring payments, loyalty management, rule based pricing, multisite inventory management, multicurrency and multilingual support, and much more. eCommerce supports the following payment systems: Payzen, Paypal, and Slimpay.

ERP5 provides eCommerce integration with CRM, web content management, accounting, inventory management, purchase, logistic, and social networks. People and Organizations are managed via a single database, while events, tickets, documents and reports help to keep track of your business operations.

ERP5 Banking

ERP5 Banking is a complete solution for central banking with cash/check/account management. It was designed for strict security requirements of a banking application with a help of Human Resource management. Access permissions are based on the role assigned to a person that depends on a function, site or group. Any change in position will cause immediate update of access rights.

Cash Management allows managing coins and notes inventories. The ERP5 model supports monetary unions through variations, so that every bank note or coin can be associated with a country, an issue date and a quality status. Check management features an appropriate workflow and full traceability while ordering, delivering and using checkbooks. Account management supports multiple currencies, multiple mandatories and digitized signature.

Open source MRP/CRM/KM/e-Business in ERP5

ERP5 comes with built-in data warehouse and reporting engine, built-in synchronisation, clustering support for high scalability, complete internationalization and localization, simulation based planning, and much more. Get detailed information about features, installation and documentation on

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