Cheetah - Python template engine

Cheetah is an open-source Python-powered template engine and code generation tool

CheetahtemplateCheetah is an open-source Python-powered template engine and code generation tool. It can be used standalone or together with other frameworks or tools in order to deliver server-side scripting, generate dynamic web content, source code or any text-based format.
Cheetah is used for the front-end web development, its code is easy to write and maintain. Cheetah has object-oriented interface and is supported by every major Python web framework.

Cheetah - universal Python template for everyone

The most essential aim of Cheetah is to separate content, graphic design, and program code and to give opportunity for specialists in this three fields to work in one environment without interfering with each others work. Cheetah successfully combines simplicity and flexibility, reduces development time and cost.
Programmers can use flexible and reusable components, powerful caching mechanism, compile templates into optimized Python code. Programmers acquainted with Python won’t have any problems working with this template engine, Python data structures are accessible in Cheetah. It is powerful and reliable tool.
Designers can reuse and extend previously built templates, mark out placeholders for content or dynamic components, effectively understand and manage the code and features of their design.
Content writers can easily learn and understand core Cheetah syntax, use the templates created by designers. Moreover, there is NameMapper syntax that allows non-programmers to map variable names in Cheetah to values in Python.
Cheetah not only divides three versatile parts of web development, but easily combines content, web design, and program code into unified whole product. Cheetah contains out of the box template library and other objects that can be useful during work.

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