Bootcamp: Python for social network

Bootcamp is an open source enterprise social network in Python that includes basic features: Feed, Articles, Q&A app.

BootcampBootcamp is an open source enterprise social network that includes basic features which can be used by an enterprise for inside communication and sharing of knowledge, information, links, etc. Bootcamp is built with Python using the Django web framework and with the help of JavaScript, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, and jQuery.

At the current moment Bootcamp includes three basic apps:

  • Feed - a microblog similar to Twitter. Among its features are infinite scrolling, activity notifications, comment tracking, live updates for likes and comments.
  • Articles - a collaborative blog with articles pagination, tag filtering and draft management.
  • Question & Answers - Q&A system similar in functionality with Stack Overflow: marking question as favorite, voting up or vote down answers, accepting an answer, etc.

Bootcamp is simple Python package for enterprise social networking. Try it now at or visit Bootcamp repository.

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