Better products management and tracking with Apache Bloodhound

Apache Bloodhound is an open source web-based project management and bug tracking system. It was built on top of Trac using Python and Bootstrap. This software development collaboration tool features multiple products hosting, enhanced full-text search, and user-friendly design.

Apache BloodhoundApache Bloodhound is a highly flexible, open source web-based project management and bug tracking system that assists with collaboration on software development projects. Essentially, it is a fork of the widely used Trac with a number of critical improvements for multiple products hosting, enhanced full-text search, and user-friendly design.

Since Trac (a web front-end for several popular versioning systems like Subversion and Git) is quite conservative in its development and didn’t integrate some new and important features, WANdisco submitted the Bloodhound project to the Apache Incubator in December of 2011. In March of 2013 it graduated from the incubator and became an Apache Top Level Project. Bloodhound was released under the Apache Software License, now it is developed and maintained by volunteers at the Apache Software Foundation.

Bloodhound is written in the Python programming language using Bootstrap for responsive frontend. Bootstrap also adds "in-place" edit, workflow controls, and the ability to brand the system and its error messages. MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite can be used as a database backend. Python library Whoosh was integrated into Bloodhound for full-text search and faceted browsing.

While initially Bloodhound inherited features from Trac, its main goal is to extend and improve this software. First of all, this project intended to provide simplified installation procedure and ease of use. The system can be used with Subversion and Git repositories; it supports embedding of Trac plugins and Google gadgets.

User-friendly interface and dashboard allow users to start work intuitively, learn about all robust capabilities, and keep track of related projects easily. An integrated Wiki stores information, helps to make plans and add proposals. Powerful full-text and faceted search provides accurately ranked results. Bloodhound helps to manage multiple commercial and open source software products. It also features convenient source code viewer, advanced bug tracking and users issue solving tools.

Manage software products and keep track of features, tasks and bugs using Apache Bloodhound. Although it is still young, Bloodhound is already very powerful and full-featured, including multiple products management, enhanced UI and improved search. For more information visit

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