Open Source Technology

Open Source Technology - discover the core concepts and issues and find out more about Plone as an open source Content Management System.

Open Source Development

Open source code is made available free of charge to the general public. The rationale for this is that a large community of developers who are not concerned with proprietary ownership will produce more useful and bug-free product for everyone's benefit.

The open source concept relies on community members to find and eliminate bugs in the program code, a process which commercially developed and packaged programs do not utilize. The process of eliminating bugs and improving the software happens at much quicker rate than through the traditional development channels of commercial software. The information is shared within open source community and does not originate or channel through a corporation's research and development department.


Open Source technology makes business sense. Apart from being free and of very high quality, it is often more powerful than most commercially available products. This is because its shared development harnesses the benevolent brilliance of thousands around the world who are continually developing, improving, and evolving its core. It's a worldwide community, getting together to build something awesome, regardless of distance, language, and culture.

That's why openness is one of our core values. Open communication enables learning, which leads to knowledge and empowers people. We empower clients by making project progress, problems, and pricing completely transparent. We use open source software extensively since it empowers us to get in-depth knowledge about how an application is constructed, and to fix it or enhance it when needed.

Working with Open Source technology is not easy, though, and we leverage Open Source technology to a degree that is still very uncommon. But this dependency is our strength, because we're backed by the thousands of people who have engineered the software we use. We are indebted to them, and do our part to contribute back to the Open Source communities.

Open Source Technology

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