Wiki.js theme customization with node.js and vue.js

A Javascript-based open source CMS that functions with node.js is called Wiki.js. Wiki.js is Markdown-friendly. This top-notch free software will blow up your mind. It is suggested to anyone looking to use a wiki for individual or group use.

Wiki.js is simple to use and offers a variety of effective customization choices. These include settings for turning on and off various Markdown formatting options, as well as the ability to activate Haskell libraries for converting between markup formats, such as DocBook XML. It competes with numerous proprietary software options and functions well right out of the box.

Why Should You Choose Wiki.js Theme Customization?

You can observe many important reasons to use Wiki.js, to name but a few:

  • Efficiency.

Wiki.js is designed for productivity and runs on the lightning-fast Node.js engine.

  • Management.

The large and user-friendly admin area allows you to manage all elements of your wiki.

  • Adjustable.

Completely modify the look of your wiki, along with a luminance mode.

  • Safety.

You can always set your wiki totally open or completely hidden.

  • Configuration is simple.

You'll be up and running in no time! The platform features step-by-step installation instructions.

  • High compatibility and integration with other platforms.

The platform is highly compatible with such tools as JavaScript, Node.js, vue.js, GraphQL, Pug, and many more. Thus, most IT experts can easily get the hang of it.

What Can You Accomplish with Wiki.js Theme?

Wiki.js can boast of many functions:

  1. Page creation, editing, and management
  2. With this open-source tool, you can classify your pages to make interaction easier. There isn't a standard folder arrangement in Wiki.js. Making folders is never necessary to make new pages. Rather, it is up to you.
  3. Use any editor you choose such as Markdown, Rich-text WYSIWYG, etc. You are free to use any editor while building a page. While some people might select writing text in Markdown, others could favor another editor.
  4. Publishing and organizing visual materials like photographs and docs. The editor that was initially used while generating the page will be activated automatically. A page cannot currently be changed to a different editor once it has been created.

More Detailed Wiki.js Features

There are several useful features in Wiki.js:

  1. Storage supported by Git. A distant Git repository that continually syncs content with itself acts as a backup and a primary source of information in the event of restorations or the establishment of numerous servers. 
  2. Authentication. There are numerous methods for achieving authentication with Wiki.js. Local identification, LDAP/Active Directories, GitHub are a few common techniques.
  3. Highly editable. With the exception of the header, a content page can have all of its components changed. The header cannot be changed because it is dynamic and utilized consistently throughout the entire wiki (admin, editor, profile, etc.).
  4. The Markdown Editor. The Markdown editor is an easy-to-use and compact text-to-HTML converting for web content creators. The Markdown format is used to write content, which is then instantly stored as Markdown documents.
  5. Integral access management. Access can be granted to the entire wiki or only certain pages. Viewing by guests is allowed. The following significant upgrade to Wiki.js will include the addition of more plugins.
  6. Search engine integration. Every piece of information is immediately categorized and searchable from any page. If necessary, managers have access to outside search engines.

Conclusion about Wiki.js theme customization with node.js and vue.js

Wiki.js offers you all you need to set up a highly informational web page: user-friendliness, well-structured layouts and well-configured search option.  However, the customization process might seem complicated for a total beginner.

Let us help you. You may always get in touch with Quintagroup if you don't want to spend your time learning something unfamiliar. We will provide you with an expert or a team of them, who will definitely  take into account all of your needs and adjust the Wiki.js theme using node.js or vue.js as necessary. With many years on the market, Quintagroup provided numerous companies with brilliant services. Having any misunderstandings, feel free to get a consultation.

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