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SproutCore is a powerful JavaScript framework that allows creation of rich desktop-like web applications.

SproutCoreSproutCore is an open-source framework written in JavaScript that allows using desktop-like richness in web applications. It was strongly influenced by Cocoa and later used by Apple in MobileMe, and SproutCore apps run in browser using CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
SproutCore is based on the MVC architecture where data (Model) and user interface (View) are bound together by fast and fluid Controllers. It provides all instruments for quick and profound development, like user interface components, routing, deployment tools, view controllers, data store layer, and view widgets library, including list views, grid views, toolbars, buttons, and theming system.

SproutCore combines desktop app feeling and web engine

SproutCore is the best development tool for those apps that actively interact with users and need immediate response and update, where elements are interdependable and keeping track of their changes is complicated. SproutCore updates views automatically by means of binding for data-centric applications. Framework’s object model supports binding or connecting of properties with less code and efforts. Moreover, applications built with SproutCore are platform and server-side technology independent. Since they run in any browser and don’t need additional plugins, SproutCore narrowed down their communication with server to data saving and loading with the help of Ajax. Web technology develops rapidly, especially in the mobile direction, so application should rely less on the remote servers, waiting on their responses and more on their own capabilities, running on the local system.
SproutCore transferred business logic to the browser for ensuring instant response to user’s actions. Data management and data query, as well as server synchronization are enabled by an in-memory database. SproutCore applications build a directory of static assets that can be deployed to any server. Among other SproutCore advantages are testing framework (easy for unit test writing) and support for the template pre-rendering on the server that improves page loading speed.
Ember.js is a fork from SproutCore (previously called SproutCore 2.0) that was developed almost from scratch. Ember.js and SproutCore share common features but took different directions and approaches to the app building. They are both client-side frameworks and have similar object models, property, and binding systems. But SproutCore is aimed at building more native-feeling apps and gives means to work with the real data to generate rich and fast user interface.
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